Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Because a week in one place = lots of pictures.

Seriously, the people we meet...I have no words except they make me want to be a better person.  While in St. Marys, GA, we came back to the hotel and Maria, from Lighthouse FM, had stopped by and dropped these off:

We had been talking to her about our love of seashells and she gave us some of hers.  She included a note telling us where the best "shelling" was.  So sweet!

These are the Dawkins.  They live in the Clearwater Beach, FL area.  They are another family that has become our family.  

Trent had a lot of shows while in town, so these sweet ladies let us stay with them for 5 NIGHTS!  They feed us, spoil us, love us, and pray for us.  And we are thankful.

A welcome message, a goodie basket (the chocolate didn't last long), and Gracie...the cat that likes her stomach scratched.

@ SMILEY'S (part of Indian Rocks Baptist in Largo, FL) 

ROM -- Recreation Outreach Ministry.  Awards day, Closing Ceremonies, if you will.  Kids ages 5-14 plus parents and grandparents.  (Trent's singing, if you can't see...)

While in town, we helped with a local outreach.  This fine gentleman always handles the pickles. ALWAYS.  He wears a hat, as you can see, and we thought it was fabulous.  (This is when you read the hat).

The Beswethericks are another fantastic couple we have met while being on the road.  They are an amazing family with amazing hearts for God.  (And the pizza place they took us to was mouth-watering.  If you're ever in the area, go to Christino's).

We are beach bums at heart...get it?

I really like to do this with my towel.  Sometimes it backfires and I get sand all over me.  

I mean, we couldn't have planned this any better...a sailboat picture with a sunset.  I'm 31 and this was my first full sunset to witness.  < Gasp >

We are excited to be home, even if it is for a week.  Then we head to Arkansas and Texas.  I am READY to see family for the holidays!  Can you believe it's holiday season already?

Be Blessed.  Choose Joy.