Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Week in Missouri

After our glorious vacation in Destin, it was time to hit the road again.  This time, we went to Missouri which we hadn't been to in over a year!

The first stop was Rolla at Missouri S&T University's Wesley Foundation.  It was our first time going to Rolla and we are already planning to go back.

I liked how their shirts had our initials on them.  How sweet ;-)

This show had a very special moment that we'll always remember.  It was the first time I had to leave stage to go tinkle.  We knew it would eventually happen and we've joked how we'd handle it.  

It went down like this: After a song, I leaned over and whispered to Trent, "what song is next?"  "I don't know,"  he replied.  "Cause I gotta go,"  I told him.  And then he very cutely explained what was about to happen and that sweet crowd actually clapped.  Ha!  Good times.

The show was great and so was Jimmy John's.

Next stop was Blue Springs, MO.  We love going to St. Peter UMC.  They always take care of us and enjoy the show.

Here's some precious girls after we played.  (And a blurry photo bomber.)  The one on the left got Trent's signature on her arm.  

We stayed with Anne and Gary (not pictured because he goes to work like crazy early.)  What a precious couple!  It was great getting to know them better and great eating the breakfast Anne made for us.  It had my favorite food groups:  bacon, cheese and crescent rolls.

Onto Desloge, MO...

We went to FBC Desloge for the first time last November and they were eager to have us back.  Yay!  (This is the church that has an apartment on site, which is awesome.)  We got to the room and had this waiting for us:

A gift for Oliver and the best snack basket for a pregnant lady EVER.  We got a little teary eyed because HELLO THOUGHTFUL!!

We of course had a fabulous time and are incredibly appreciative for the people there!  And I also realized my maternity jeans had gotten a little tighter since the last time I wore them.  Funny how that happens.
 (Thanks for the pic, Kara.)

After three consecutive shows, it was nice to have a day off in Monett, MO with the Bergers.  Amy and Kristy surprised us with more Ollie things!  (Amy's mom is quite the seamstress.)  I am just amazed at the sweetness of people we have had the pleasure to meet doing what we do.  

We played for the fundraiser for The Den, which is a youth center in Monett.  This year, it was at the Berger's barn on their property.
(Thanks for the pics, Amy!)  

It's an amazing barn.

Us with Amy and the Bergers.  They are seriously like family.  Love them.

We left that night and drove the hour to Springfield so we could lead worship Sunday AM at Life Fellowship Church.  We also had a concert Sunday night, and this is the only pic I have.  Sound check.  

It had been almost 2 years since our last time with Life Fellowship and it was nice to get to see everyone again!  

It was a blur of a run, but a fruitful one.  We're already planning to go back next year.

With a new record!


  1. haha I love that you had to leave the stage to go to the bathroom :-) cracked me up!

    1. Haha! I was also barefoot. Ewww!!! =)