Thursday, June 21, 2012

What do you do when your CD shipment doesn't come in?

You improvise.  Yes, you do.  

CD sales at shows is one of the ways musicians make a living.  In the digital age, merchandise revenue has definitely decreased, but we still like to offer music to those interested in buying.  

A couple days ago, we realized our CD shipment wasn't going to arrive on time.  

I'm quite positive it wasn't our fault.  I mean, how could it be?


  We found ourselves wondering what to do on this next run of shows.  

*Insert brainstorming session*

*And a trip to the Walmart*

CD's and cardboard cases, yarn, sharpie, brown paper.  Check.

Crinkle up brown paper bag to be cut up into tags.

Tie tag onto CD case with yarn.
Lots of times. 
(It says "Trent Monk Live")

Ta-da!  I like it.  Not bad for a last minute decision. 

And we're going to display them in this suitcase.  It belonged to Trent's great-grandmother, Grandma Baird.  I adore it.

I like this, too.  And we have a cool table cloth that matches perfectly.  

I think they look like old-school, vintage-y gifts.  It's like a gift from us to you.

A gift that you have to pay for.

Happy Brainstorming!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

For Father's Day

When I posted for Mother's Day, I knew I wanted to do one for my daddy, too.
I love him.  He loves my mom and his three girls to the moon and back.  And it's quite remarkable how sane he remained in a house full of women.  I think it has a lot to do with him having his own bathroom...  

My dad is a loving and loyal man.  A man of integrity and honor who is slow to anger and patient.  He is sensitive and shy, though you may not believe it.  Like my mother, I learned from him how to treat others.  His slogan?  "Kill 'em with kindness."  And y'all, it works.  He is wise.  More wise than he even knows.

He'd rock me to sleep singing "One little, two little, three little Indians"  and the first thing he'd do when he came home from work, was play with us.  When he had to discipline, he'd never use his hand.  My dad says, "hands are for loving."  That speaks volumes of his character and when I'm a parent, I will do the same.

While we were growing up, he worked his butt off so we could have big Christmases, nice clothes and pretty prom dresses.  He was understanding when we wanted a pair of Guess jeans or some new keds.  And we always had the best golf clubs.  Even now, I could ask for a new set and he'd make it happen.

He was my coach and teacher in all things sports.  Swimming, water skiing, softball, basketball and golf.  And during my stubborn moments, he was accepting and taught me anyway. He'd bribe me with money to foul in basketball and make birdies in golf.  I realize now, he was instilling in me aggressiveness.  More often than not, he would come to a golf tournament with notes of encouragement to put in my bag, so I could read them throughout the round.  He pushed me and expected my best but when my best was bad, he'd let me cry and comfort me with words of affirmation. 

He was able to witness me shoot 68 in Tampa, FL.  My one and only round in the 60's.  The joy and pride on his face warmed my heart and I'll never forget it.  It's a memory both of us hold dear and will cherish always.

He drove a U-Haul, full of my stuff, to Waco from Mississippi when my first marriage ended.  And he insisted on getting Trent and me a U-Haul trailer to tow our car to Nashville, so I didn't have to drive.  My dad is a giver of weather radios, flood lights, and "be carefuls."  And if he knows of storms in Austin, Salado, or Nashville, my sisters and I can expect a call.

My middle name, Donn, comes from him and so does my sensitive skin and big heart.  We also share a love of coffee, tennis shoes, and The Shawshank Redemption.

I got my height, hands, and feet from my daddy, too.  I've learned to embrace all three, however it wasn't always easy.  When I was younger, kids in school would make comments on my stature and shoe size.  I didn't feel bullied, but it impacted me enough to tell my parents.  My dad would say: 

"If someone asks you what size shoe you wear, ask them 'Are you writing a book? Leave that chapter out.'  And if they ask you 'how's the weather up there,' spit on them and tell them it's raining." 

I never did either of those things, but he gave me a confidence and an "I don't care what you say" attitude that has stuck with me.

I also inherited my dad's joy of making people laugh.  He is one of the funniest people I know and others would say the same.  I would like to share some Paads-isms.  Some of his hilarious one-liners that, if you don't know him, may not make sense.  

"Sometimes I make smart decisions.  Most of the time I do not."

"Be a trend setter, not a trend follower."

"Never leave a birdie putt short."

"I'll pay you to clip my toenails."

"In marriage, you've got to give more than you receive.  I've tried to gain some ground the last few years but I'm outta bullets."

"It's not how you drive, it's how you arrive."

"That's alright baby.  Lots of golf left."

"That makes me want to go buy an Oak Ridge Boys cassette."

"Let the big dog eat!"

"That's what happens when you ration the sherbet."

"That hotel was playing CNN in the breakfast area.  I almost checked out and went to one that played FOX."

"You know.  I read a study that said drinking water really isn't that good for you."

"Show me something where I can get meat AND pancakes."

Daddy, if you had a twitter, I'm convinced you'd have a million followers and your tweets would inevitably become a book.

Thank you for everything, Daddy!  I love you. Cheers!


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pre-Wedding Festivities

For those of you who don't know, our family is growing.  Trent's brother, Travis, is getting hitched to Amy on June 9th.  That's this Saturday!  Last weekend, the boys took a weekend bachelor fishing trip to Eagle Nest, NM and we had girl time.  Complete with a lingerie shower, pedicures, and church.  It was wonderful.

The weekend started with going to a local greenhouse to pick out wedding flowers.

Papa Tuck, Mama Pat and her sister, Mary Helen stopped by for a bit.  It was so great to finally meet Aunt Tutu!  I wish I had a cool aunt name.  Caleb used to say "Tatee" but it didn't stick.  Bummer.

Time for Amy's lingerie/bachelorette/girls' night in.  I won't reveal my secrets, but I managed to embarrass Amy just a bit.  We all laughed and had a great time.

The food table: pink cupcakes, green chile crab dip, fruit and veggies with different dip, and assorted girly decorations.

Look at the stand-up napkins.  Adorable!

Amy with her obnoxious bridal accessories.  Love it.

Kimberly and I decided to strike a pose.

Lue Anne and Kimberly

Amy with Meagan and Anna.  Friends for 15 years!

Good times.

Let me explain.  I am tall.  Anna is not as tall.  We both had on heels.  Anna took hers off.  This is what resulted. 

Time for pedicures!

Ginny got french, I got purple glitter, and Amy got blue (for her something blue).

On Sunday, Ginny took her father, Bill, to mass.  Here, she was reading to us something that the priest had written.  It was beautiful and I'll have to get a copy and post on the ol' blog so y'all can read it.

This was after Bill had asked me to explain to him "what exactly a facebook is."

Our guys made it home, with 150 fish in tow.  This is how the happy couple reunited.  Check out their shirts!  I still think they planned it ;-)