Tuesday, May 15, 2018

{{ From Cart to Kitchen }}

I like to look at the Craigslist FREE section from time to time.  I've always found things I'd like to go get, but I either don't have a car to go or when I contact the poster, the item has already been picked up.  

Well, one day the stars aligned and I went to get this old cart in hopes to make a play kitchen. 

I think I remember Trent's quote being something like, "That will not work."


What I bought:
primer - $8
silver bowl - $1 (thrift store)
wooden knobs - $2 
PVC (curved) pipe - $3
tension rod - $1
silver spray paint - $2
command strips - $3

What I had:
green paint
2nd tension rod
chalkboard paint
contact paper
command hook

After doing some research on particle board, I quickly realized I was going to need to spend the money on good primer.  Usually when I craft or DIY, I try to take the cheapest way out and cut corners, but this was not one of those times.  It ended up needing 2 coats of primer which was 2 spray cans and was my most expensive purchase...about $8 worth.  And I didn't get a picture of those steps.

Once the primer dried, I just used the green paint I had on hand and applied 2 more coats.  Trent cut out a hole for the bowl sink and PVC pipe faucet.

The cabinet knobs screwed in and we left them a little loose so the kids can actually turn them.  The faucet and bowl were glued in.

I covered the bottom with contact paper I had (found at Dollar General for about $2) and painted the burners with black craft paint. 

And of course, some chalkboard paint so we can write the menu for the day...or just a greeting =)

Here she is in all her glory!!!  We've been given some kitchen things, bought some kitchen things, and reused some real kitchen things...

(I literally hot glued the curtains.)

(Shout out to Grammie for making the back curtains and Amelia's apron.)

Amelia's favorite part is the sink, I think. 

Oliver loves it, too.  Look how little they are!  This was back in the fall...

I still want to add some hooks for the cookware and trim the back curtains, but she works for now. And not too bad for about $20.  

Friday, May 11, 2018

Oliver is 4!!!

Dear Oliver,

I'm just starting this letter and I'm already crying.  My sweet, sweet boy...how did we get so lucky?  And why are our years with you speeding up?  I often ask you, "Why are you getting so big?  Can you just stay little for me?"  Without skipping a beat, you answer, "No, Mommy!  Because I'm going to be a daddy." ๐Ÿ’™

As bittersweet as it is, we absolutely adore watching you grow and soak up the world around you.  Seeing you learn and how you learn is amazing and you are soooo smart!  Your personality is really starting to shine; you are so funny!!  And you looooove to make other kids laugh.  And when you do something funny, they will follow and do it, too.  Use that gift for good, my dear.

You really started getting into music.  You started recognizing the melodies and asking if the singer was sad.  Our Footloose record became a favorite and you love the "robot sound" on Hero.  (You have quite the ear.)  Your imagination started including conversations between whatever you were playing with and it's THE BEST.  One day I was having a hard mama day and was crying.  You said, "don't be sad.  Do you want to listen to soft music?  Here, hold this ball; it'll make you feel better."  You also told me I got my armpit hair from Daddy.  Hahahahaha!

You love outside so we try to spend A LOT of time out there.  Towards the end of the year, you started running around the house all by yourself and meeting us back in the back.  It's fun to let you spread your wings here and there.  I pray those wings always bring you back home.

You and Amelia push each other's buttons.  I guess that's normal, but most of the time, you are kind and gentle with her.  And she does EVERY. THING. YOU. DO.  She looks up to you so much.  Be mindful of that, my dear.  

You learned to use the potty this year!!!  You rocked it, as you do.  It took pretty much 2 days.  And to this day, I've only had to wash your sheets twice and that was the first week.  We actually cried the first time you pooped in the potty (on day 1) because we are your crazy parents and we cry at everything.  The whole process went so quickly, I seriously have one picture of you on your potty.  

You started getting into dressing up in costumes.  Most are made up and those are my favorites.  

You're still into trains, although it's slowing down, and you still love you some Hot Wheels.  When your daddy and I talk about how fast it's going, we often bring up how sad it will be when we don't have toys to pick up, specifically those little cars that hurt our feet. And then we cry our ugly cries and feel better.  Or maybe we feel sadder?  Who knows.  We just love you so much!!!  

You went through a phase of wanting to start the night in our bed.  We let you.  And it was so sweet!  And you still get to from time to time.  Daddy and I have different things we do with you at bedtime. You and him always sing Blackbird, Jesus Loves Me, and Jesus Loves the Little Children and then you pray.  I usually do books, but I change up my songs.  (I like to keep you guessing and letting you make your requests.๐Ÿ˜‰)  One of your new faves is If Tomorrow Never Comes (but we call it Sometimes Late at Night).  You also make lyrical changes.  Ha!  AND you and I have our games:  Puppy Dog Hug, Smell Game Feet, Cheek Game, 806 Game (that's where you tell me my phone number!), and Smell Game Hands, and I always say "You're my favorite best boy!"  And you tell me, "And you're my favorite best mommy." ๐Ÿ’™

Daddy took you to Monster Jam and you still talk about it.  And every time he drives by the Titan's stadium, he thinks of you (and probably cries.)  That night, you saw a poster of one of the Titan players with a helmet on.  You said, "Daddy!  Look at that astronaut."  It's one of our favorite stories OF ALL TIME.

Oliver Tuck, you are something special.  Thank you for being patient with me as I continue to figure out how to be your mama.  Thank you for being so sweet, funny, and cute!  You are our favorite BEST boy and we love you THIS BIG. 

Now for some funny moments/quotes this year:

- You became aware if we skip pages in a book

- "I pick my boogers from my nose and eat dem."

- Engine Turtles

- You started noticing when your feet or hands were asleep: "There's bugs in my feets."

- Footwoose

- Everything you named was Frankin and Melvin and your go-to dance move was called framping. 

- "After Amelia drinks all your milk you'll have small bests."

- You named our fan record because it goes around and around 

- You called your bottom your "bagina"  (I about died, FYI)

- That cow looks like it'd say, "Hey there, kid." 

- "Amelia's hip hop name is Cry Baby"

- "The grass is God's hair"

- "Tag you're in it"