Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Oliver is 2!!!

Dear Oliver,

How in the world is it here? You're 2 years old and are such a big boy. This year has brought much learning and growing and joy and we thank you.  You are talking more and more each day and it's the cutest thing to hear that sweet voice! Some words sound perfect while other words don't...but those are our favorite. (And some words, like frog and chalk, sound inappropriate.)

You are a good sleeper, love to help with chores, love Thomas and all his "useful" friends. People who watch you while we "check check" always say what an angel you are and how easy you are! It makes us so proud.  You constantly make us laugh and surprise us with how quickly you learn and catch on to things.

You're going to be a big brother! And I can't help to think you will be gentle and kind to Amelia. And you will protect her and teach her about cars, diggers, trains, and planes.

While expanding our family is a gift and we are excited, I can't help but feel a little sad. You have been my only for what seems like forever and then, in a few months, you will be my big.  And I can't find the right words to tell you that sometimes, you'll have to wait or that I can't help you in that moment because your sister is crying or needs to nurse or needs a fresh diaper.

I do know this: you won't remember all the changes or struggles or being the only. You'll only know life with a little sister to play with all the time. I promise!!! And you'll rock it.

Our lives have changed for the better because of you. You have made us better people. Yes, we're more tired, but it's so worth it to be your mommy and daddy.

We love you, Oliver Tuck! To the moon...

Friday, December 18, 2015


November gave us lots of time home, which was great.  Our Christmas tour is taking us away for many weeks, so it was nice to be home.

Related:  we decorated for Christmas on Nov. 1st.

Get outta here, pumpkins.  You've had your day.

We went to Kennett, MO one weekend and led worship for First United Methodist Church.  We know the pastor, Jeff, and his wife, Susan, from the KC area and it was great to see them again!

A sweet CD purchaser =)

 That evening, we did a show in the local HS theater.  A sweet girl watched Oliver and I found these on my phone the next day.  So cute!!!

The show was fun.  The HS was performing It's a Wonderful Life and so we had a homey set.

Watching Daddy load up the car the next morning.  

We went back home for a couple weeks then packed up again and headed to Van Buren, AR.  We've known Cliff and Vickie for a couple years now and they recently planted a new church, The Refuge.    We were thrilled to share music with them and look forward to next time!

We left right after service and drove to Amarillo for Thanksgiving!  Stay tuned for that...

(I'm almost caught up!!!)

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Our October

So, after a looong September away from home, we got back to Nashville for like a week, then went back out on the road.  Clearly, we were ok with it.

We left on a Thursday morning and drove all the way to Shreveport to play at New Life Tabernacle.  We usually don't leave the day of a show if it's a long drive, but it was a last minute change and so we said we could.  

Oliver during sound check =)

Fun night with sweet people!  (And...they fed us before the show and it was spicy jambalaya, which was what I was craving at the time!)

 I mean... time, please stop.

The next night, we played at an outreach center and it was amazing.  People who had been dealt a tough hand were so appreciative and blessed us more than we blessed them, probably.

Saturday, we drove to Dallas for a small home show type show.  Like, real small.  Like, whoa small.  =)  But, we pushed through and still had a good time!

Playing outside the hotel.

Before leaving Dallas, we made plans to see our friends, Rachel and Billy.  And this is Max and Oliver and it pretty much sums up photographing toddlers.  Hahaha!

She has since given birth and I have since grown...

We headed to Midland after that to be with the fine folks at Mid-Cities Church.  Beautiful sanctuary and we had fun.  (Also, their nursery wing is legit.  No body is leaving with your child except you.)

That evening they put on a little picnic/concert event.  Food trucks were brought in =)

Fun night for sure.  Can you spot Oliver???

A quick bite before heading back to the hotel.  (We didn't get any food truck love.)

We had some days off and spent them in Clinton, OK with Trent's mom and Larry.  There's a Route 66 museum there, so we decided to go.  Very cool but not ideal for toddlers.  

And while we were in Clinton, Oliver and a run in with a rooster.  Scary.  The rooster won but Trent kicked it the next day, so we're even.  Well, a slight flip of the foot.  It wasn't hurt, don't worry.  And to this day, if you say "brave" Oliver will say, "bock, bock" because he was so brave.  Adorable.

We played the following Sunday at One Church in Elk City, OK (just outside of Clinton).  We led both worship services and did a full concert that night.  No pics, though.  But here's one of Oliver eating "noonles."  It's better than another show pic, anyway.  

They eventually learn how to eat spaghetti more cleanly, right?

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Amarillo by September (or something)

While we were in Texas in September, we made our way to Amarillo for some family time and a reunion!  

Oliver got to go to the Tri-State Fair.  It was a blast.  Trent and I hadn't been to a fair in forever and this fair is a big one.

The first stop was the carousel.  Oliver wasn't sure at the beginning but ended up liking it.

Of course there were trains.  Lots and lots of trains and lots and lots of rides on the trains.

There was a petting zoo and you could feed the animals.  Those goats mean business when they smell food.  And Oliver would crouch down to each animal and say, "Hi, cow!"  So cute.

A zebra!

We rode the ferris wheel and I got all the butterflies in my tummy.  I'm not as tough as I once was.

Oliver loved the "beep-beeps."

He also quite enjoyed his first cotton candy experience.  I'm still not sure how I left without getting a funnel cake, but that's fine.  I had a giant corndog.

Then, it was the big boys' turn.  Trent and his dad decided to ride this thing.  

They made it...and are pretty sure they won't ride it again.  Trent was actually sore for days after.  (Duh -- those things were folded up and on a truck the next week.  No, thank you.)

Tired boy.  (Holding the animal that I won him!)

Family shot before we left!

Then it was family reunion time.  Oliver and his cousin, Wiley, finally got to meet.  He kept saying, "Hi, baby!"

There was a hula hooping contest for the kids.  

We all went to dinner that night and PawPaw and GiGi watched Mister Man so we could eat in peace.  It was wonderful.