Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Oliver is 5!! (and a half - actually closer to 6 - oops)

Dear Oliver,

Oh, my sweet boy.  As I type this, I'm listening to the music I would play a lot when it was just you and me playing upstairs in the old house.  It is taking me back and there's a lump in my throat from just how fast this is all going.  Mothering you is a joy, it is hard, it is a blessing. 

YOU. ARE. FIVE.  I'm not sure how it happened.  This one was tough for me. 

The night before your birthday, I held you a little longer...a little tighter and tears started filling my eyes.  I told you just how much I love you and I wish you wouldn't grow so fast, but that it is a joy to see you get big!  Well, you started crying, too, and asked, "Will you still hold me when I'm 5?"  100% YES, my boy.  Always.  

You had so much growth this year!  I don't know your weight or height (my bad), but I can tell you you are long and lean like always.  AND EAT ALL THE TIME.  Such a growing boy.  

You really started to like coloring and holding pens and pencils better!  Workbooks are so fun for you and that's kind of what we did for preschool.  We also started working on saying your Ls and you caught on so fast!  

I started singing Fishing in the Dark and you loved it immediately.  You know every word.  That song will now forever remind me of lying in bed with you at night.  

*pause to wipe away tears*

Our yard had lots of ladybugs and for a long time you were scared to touch them.  Well, you conquered that fear and started to seek them out on the big tree in the middle the backyard.  Ladybug and "lowly worm" (earth worm) hunting filled lots of our days.  You still love to dig in sand, mud, dirt, rocks.  Kinetic sand, oobleck, moonsand.  Whatever!  It's a favorite.  

And LEGOS.  You are committed and are so good!  You got to the place where you didn't need much help putting lego sets together.  And you love symmetry when you build.  It's amazing to see how your mind works.  Also, Transformers have secured a place in your least for now.  And you like to transform your own body using sound affects with various movements and poses.  

One day, you made a wish while blowing on a dandelion.  I asked what you wished for and you replied, "That God keeps the people safe and makes them happy and joy."  Your first VBS (which you called - and still call - PBS) was a blast for you. (I cried when I dropped you off the first day because I am a crazy person.)  We'd sneak in the back during the end and it was fun to see how you act when we're not around.  Just as I suspected:  class clown. You love to make other kids laugh...usually using physical humor.  Going to other churches and classes all the time does not phase you.  You still get butterflies (I do, too), but a lot of times, you come out saying you taught kids how to do something.  "I taught the other kids how to camouflage."

We started learning memory Bible verses and your mind baffles me.  You catch on so quickly and are up to 8 or 9 verses.  Sometimes you make up your own.  Ha! That's not how it works, but it's cute anyway.

The hardest thing for me, as a mama, was to see you so sad after we left Nashville.  I did not expect that since we've always left.  You felt it, though.  You knew you weren't going to be living next to your best bud.  You cried off and on for a couple weeks and you still cry from time to time.  

I pray you are always sensitive.  (That's my favorite thing about your daddy, by the way.)  And I pray you always feel ok to share and tell us you're sad.  Or angry.  Or frustrated.  Your parents have big feelings, so hopefully we can guide you.  

You fell in love with Carrollton while we toured with them...specifically electric guitar.  But also, you like the Austin Powers soundtrack! You also started earning $1 with load in and load out.  We're trying to teach you money management since that cash burns a hole in your pocket. 

You added more states and got to see lots of new things last fall.  You love big cities and museums!  And adored the metro in DC.

YOU LOST YOUR FIRST TOOTH!  You did not want us to pull it.  It was barely hanging on and you ended up swallowing it while eating pizza.  The tooth fairy came to Florida and gave you an extra $1 for pain and suffering.  

Out of nowhere while on the beach with Daddy, you said to him, "When I'm a daddy, I want to fix broken airplanes to make them fly again."  You have maintained this goal since then, but sometimes you change to: Geologist or Archeologist or Paleontologist or Artist.  Your mind is amazing. 

Amelia looks up to you so much.  You are a wonderful big brother!  Y'all expertly push each other's buttons, yes, but for the most part, the affection and adoration you two have is so sweet.  I pray y'all keep that bond and stay close forever.   

The things that come out of your mouth are astounding and hilarious and wise beyond your years.  Here's some quotes, some questions, some words said in your own way:

Dark Vader (Darth Vader)
Octimus Pride (Optimus Prime)
Livlary (library)
Actorbats (acrobats)
Circust (circus)
Constructions (instructions)
"Your feet smell like yogurt"
"Why do some animals not have ears?"
"Are bears extinct?"
"Will there be girls there to chase?"
"How many beaches are on the earth?"
"When I'm 18, I'll have my party at Disney World."
"I have a collection of monster noises."
"Does water go in my tummy, then boil, then make teetee?"
"Sometimes we talk about science when we watch."
"Mommy, thank you for all you do."

And looootttttts of quotes about your private. But to respect you, I'll leave those off this post and email them and have them in a special folder for when you turn 18.  My word. 🙈😅

Oliver Tuck, you really are special.  Your sensitivity and brilliant mind are amazing.  You can tell if someone is upset.  If I'm having a bad mommy day, you are quick to cuddle me and say, "Mommy, I love you."  You make friends extremely easily which is a trait I pray you always have.  I love you so much it hurts and am SO PROUD to be your mommy! 

Remember:  Don't eat your boogers.