Monday, April 10, 2017

You'll be ONE tomorrow, sweet girl...

Dearest Amelia,

You will be ONE tomorrow.  At 9:11 AM, on April 11, 2017, you will be a whole year old.  I honestly don't even know how that can be.  The past year has gone so, so fast it's truly hard to believe.  

I'm so thankful for you and our strong bond.  I'm proud of your strength, determination, toughness, and sweet spirit.  I'm honored to be your mama and I hope we are always close.  Though I'm not crying yet, I know I will.  You are probably my last baby and that is a sad thing for me to accept.  I struggle with toddlers, if I'm being honest, and you are getting oh so close to being one.  Although, I have learned some things having done this with your brother.

The past year, I made sure I held you longer, rocked you more, let you sleep with us, nursed you whenever, let you stumble, let you climb, let you explore.  I wasn't as worried about schedules and this-and-that as I was with your brother.  So, maybe I'll handle your defiant toddler years a bit better than I have with him.  Bless it.

As hard as it is to say goodbye to the baby stage, I'm so excited.  To watch you grow, continue to learn, and see your spunky personality blossom is a joy.  I'm blessed to spend every day with you! 

I pray you will always find your identity in Jesus, I hope you are always brave and kind, and I trust you will always know just how special and how loved you are.  

You are one of a kind, sweet Amelia.  Thank you for being my baby girl!