Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sweet Home Alabama

What else would I title a post about us being in Alabama?  I mean, seriously.

The past two weekends we were in Dothan, AL and Enterprise, AL.  (Between those shows, we camped and I will post about that soon.)  It was the first time for us to be in that area and both churches were amazing and we had incredible experiences! 

We got to the hotel in Dothan and had a gift basket waiting for us with water in the fridge, too.  Gift baskets do not always happen.  We do not require them nor ask for them.  And each time we receive one, I get so excited and DIG. IN.  (Also, the rubber bin came in handy for me to wash dishes in when we camped.  Win-Win.)

We got to town on Saturday evening and it was awesome to go ahead and sound check then.  That way, Sunday morning wasn't quite so early.  (We all need our beauty sleep.)

We grabbed a bite to eat and went back to the hotel where we practiced.  Because I'm new at this whole singing thing.  And I get all up in my head about certain harmonies.  (And yes, I set a timer to take a picture.  I'm the family historian.)   

Sunday worship was great!  In addition to leading the contemporary service, we did special music for the traditional service.  I wish I got a picture of the sanctuary.  It was old and beautiful.  The traditional Methodist services always remind me of my childhood so very much.  I actually love them.  The choir robes, the pipe organ, the men and women in their Sunday best, the liturgy.  It's so sweet.

During the evening sound check, while I was getting merch ready, some kids came in to ask for Trent's autograph.  It gets me every time.  So cute.  And he is so gracious with them.

Thank you Mike and Andy!!!  We had a fabulous time at FUMC Dothan!  
(Thanks also to Pastor Jim and Sally, not pictured.)
(Yes, Trent and I were matchy-matchy and wearing green for St. Patrick's Day.  Yes, I was to blame.  He's a good sport.)

{Then we camped and all that jazz.} 

After camping, we got to our hotel in Enterprise and I was so excited to have room and not be in a tent and to be warm and to have a real mattress and so this is what I did.

And my goodness, another gift basket.  I have never!  I think Alabama should have a new license plate phrase.  It should say, "Alabama, the gift basket state."  Yes?

Crossroads Church is a 5-year-old church plant.  They meet on Sunday mornings in a movie theater!  So cool.  We've been to several church plants and it's neat to see where church happens.  God is extremely creative, isn't He?  Enterprise is a military town (Fort Rucker), so they see a lot of families leave and see many soldiers deploy.  This means their congregation changes a lot.  They handle it very well.   

Thanks, Rachel for lending us your office before the service.  It was warm, inviting, and smelled good.  And the coffee was excellent! 

The PM show was in the church's new café.  We loved the look.  And those letters?  Foam and poster board with lights from Big Lots.  Yep...a pinterest craft.  A pinterest craft now added to my to do list.  I'm sure I can find room in our apartment for some huge-ish letters.

Thank you, Gene and Leslie!  Y'all are awesome.  (No, Leslie and I didn't coordinate our jean jacket with scarf outfit.  We're just cool like that.)

We sold our only 2T shirt to Israel.  Well, to his parents.

"Izzy" is the cutest. 

And he loves him some Goldfish crackers.  

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Can I see your ID?

I recently found this in my 'drafts' on the blog. I cracked up, so I wanted to share. This was in March 2013...

The other day, while on the road, I was making a purchase with my credit card and was asked to see my ID. 

What happened next, I was not expecting. 

Lady:  Can I see your ID?

Me:  Sure thing. 

Lady:  Oh!  Tennessee!  


Lady:  What a good picture!  Are you a lot younger in it?

Me:  Nope.  Same age.

Lady:  Awww!  You're so pretty here.

Me:  Ummm.  Thanks.

<hangs head in shame>

We got a good chuckle out of it.  I know she didn't mean to insult my disheveled appearance, bless her heart.  I've put my foot in my mouth many times, so I can relate.

Has something like this ever happened to you? 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Lake Charles, LA

Last weekend (spring forward weekend...yuk) we went to Lake Charles, LA for two shows.  It's a pretty long drive, so on the way there, we broke it up and stopped in Hattiesburg, MS.  

We got a cheap an affordable hotel, checked in and headed to grab a bite to eat.  BUT FIRST, because Trent forgot to pack his belt, we had to make a stop.  (We can't be walking around with sagging pants, can we?  No we cannot.)  So getting a belt at the Walmart was the only option.  And a Dickies khaki $8 belt was the best choice.  He was not thrilled about it. 

To fill our bellies, we randomly chose a hibachi grill.  The onion volcano gets me every time.  And I always jump and scream a little when they light the grill and it makes a big flame.  

The first night's show was at Faith Bible Church.  And THIS is the only picture I got.  I was off my game, people.  I was off my game.  

Everyone was sweet and there was a girl there who had taken a picture with Trent years ago when Trent was Monk and Neagle.  Small world!

The next day (the day of springing forward) we did special music during the contemporary service at University UMC.

We needed to practice I needed to practice and so we snuck away and found the nursery.  

  The pastor did a children's sermon about the difference between a cowboy and a shepherd.   When the pastor asked the kids if they knew the difference, 6-year-old Jeremiah said loudly and with conviction, "Cowboys don't have staffs and they're from the Wild West!"  It was adorable.  This is Jeremiah.

After church, we were taken to a local joint for lunch called Steamboat Bill's.  Fantastic seafood!  (AND, turns out, I ate there when I was like 15 when my youth group went on a mission trip to Louisiana.  Crazy.)

We got a gift of mugs and coffee.  Community Coffee is so good and I have a little obsession with coffee mugs, so it was a win-win.

This was the part in the show where I had to get a hair off Trent's shoulder because it was DRIVING ME NUTS.  

Merch in action... (our sweet volunteer, Courtney).

So thankful for Courtney's help and for taking pictures and for being fun! (Also, it looks like Trent's hand is around us with painted nails!  It's my hand.  They are man hands.)

It was a great weekend!  We were blessed and left with new friends and full hearts.

(Is this where I say we also had clear eyes?)

(Any FNL fans out there?)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Let's talk about grammar.

I am not perfect.  I spell things incorrectly.  Sometimes it's because of a brain fart and sometimes it's due to that pesky auto-correct.  Sometimes I use the wrong punctuation.  Sometimes I end a sentence with a preposition.  (I am from Texas.)  I've been known to use at with where, on occasion.  (Trent cannot stand it.)  We're all human, right?  However, there is an epidemic out there.  An epidemic that needs to be addressed.  One that is quite evident on social media.  I'm talking about grammar.  

I hope this post doesn't come across as judgmental.  That is not my intent.  It's all in good fun.  And maybe someone will be helped =)

Recently, I was confused on a punctuation problem in regards to parentheses.  Turns out, there is a time to punctuate inside the parenthetical statement and a time to punctuate outside the parenthetical statement.  Who knew?  I must've not paid attention that day in class.  

I was confused, so I consulted the google and found this explanation.  Praise Jesus it all makes sense now!!!  Hallelujah.

I know how it is to be in a hurry and want to post something brilliant on Facebook and not think about grammar.  (When Trent proposed and I updated my status, I typed chappel instead of chapel.  Dang it.)  And I'm still very confused how to punctuate when using quotation marks.  I googled it and am even more confused now.  (If you have a trick or tip with that, let me know.)  

What I'm talking about are the repeat offenders.  You know who they are in your newsfeed.  Specifically when it comes to homonyms. 

There is a difference between:
  • your and you're
  • to, too, two
  • hear and here
  • there, they're, their
  • it's and its

There is also a difference between:
  • than and then
  • when to use I and me

If you are confused on which to use or shocked to find out there is a difference, I hope you feel informed.  We're all in this together.

And remember, we're not perfect.  Lord knows all rules do not apply in this age of 140 characters or less.  I simply wanted to provide a public service announcement.