Wednesday, January 16, 2013

"Nobody EVER says NEVER to Sally O'Malley"

Last night we were in bed looking for something to watch on Hulu.  

We would channel flip, but we don't have cable and the few channels we do have stopped coming on in our room and so we have a big, useless TV in there that can only be used for dvd's and so we have to put the laptop on some kind of stand (usually the cajon or a road case and sometimes the guitar case) on the bed in order to watch some shows. And it's kind of annoying. 

These are very real first world problems.

   So, anyway, those that know me, know I adore anything SNL, especially Miss Sally O'Malley.    

Might I remind you of my 2009 homemade Halloween costume?

I gave it my best Goodwill shot.


This Sally O'Malley video was recommended by Hulu and I am so glad it was.

(Go ahead and give it a watch)

When it was finished, after we had collected ourselves, Trent said something that warmed my heart.
He said, "I can't wait 'til you're 50-years-old!  It's going to be the best year ever."

Becuase you know why?  You can guarantee I'm going to be kickin' and stretchin' up a storm.  For realz.

Happy Wednesday!

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