Monday, October 29, 2012

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things...

I'm seriously digging some things lately.  I felt the need to share.

You can thank me later.  Or not.  I won't get my feelings hurt.


Marc Scibilia 
We went to see Sixpence None the Richer and this guy opened and let me tell you something.  He. Was. Amazing.  He gave his EP away FOR FREE and we have not gotten tired of it yet!  I highly suggest you take a listen.  So go on over to iTunes and dig it.  You won't be sorry!

Charlie Peacock
We actually saw him at the same venue as Marc Scibilia.  It was a CD release show for his newest project, "No Man's Land."  Just google his name and read in awe of how many artists he's connected with.  Seriously.  And Mr. Civil Wars himself was at the show.  (He didn't come say hi to us, though.  I can't imagine why.  Oh yeah...he doesn't know us).  We love this record and your life will be improved greatly if you get it

I cannot stop the kale chips.  I can't.  I crave them.  I call them "God's potato chips."  Only they're not potatoes, they're kale.  But, because you are human and have a brain intelligent, you probably gathered that.  Trent and I are going to force feed them to family over the holidays!  Try this recipe.  (I like to add some garlic powder).

And we cannot stop the DIY taco salad shells.
We use corn tortillas and a muffin tin. I'm sure you've seen them on pinterest.  But, if you haven't, go here to figure out how to make little bowls of heaven.  We like to stuff them with rice, black beans, chicken, green onion, tomato, lettuce, sour cream, sriracha and sometimes eggs (for breakfast).  And even taco soup.  Can I get an AMEN for cheap/healthy(ish) meals??

I'm not even going to gather links and pictures for this section.  I'm just going to list what we LOVE.

Parenthood, Up All Night, Modern Family, Parks and Rec, Once Upon a Time, Nashville, and The Mindy Project is cute and has some potential.

That's all for now.  What are you into lately?

Friday, October 26, 2012

Five Minute Friday: VOICE

Today's Five Minute Friday prompt is VOICE.


Yesterday, while Trent was away writing, I went for a workout.  It was a beautiful day in Nashville, so I grabbed my water bottle, jump rope, and some music and headed outside. I literally did one lap on the track and my iPod died.  UGH.  I was like, "What am I supposed to do now?!?  Workout with no music?!?"  

It was a very real 'first world problem' moment.

I put my music down by my water and jump rope and I resumed my workout.  Then, I heard: 

"Talk to Me." 

So I did.  I talked to Him.  For my whole workout.  And it was sweet.  Like He was walking with me.  

You know the Voice.  It's that whisper in your heart.  That Voice that speaks truth directly to your soul.  That Voice that questions you and keeps you in check and urges you to do things He has called of you. 

I know it.   All too well.  And if I'm being honest, I don't like listening sometimes... 

But I do.  And I always will.  Because it hasn't failed me yet.  


Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I am referring to Atlanta.  Also known as, HOT-lanta.  I'm assuming because it gets hot there.   What if people said MY-lanta?  That'd be funny.  I digress...

We went there about a month ago and I am just now posting about it.

I'm sure y'all have been on pins and needles.


We actually got into town WITH NO TRAFFIC.  You read that correctly.  We did, however, hit a slight hold up.  Turns out, the hold up was a real hold up!  Yes.  We saw cops with guns drawn and ready.  Crazy times.  Then we proceeded to have to go to the nearest Firestone to get a new car battery.  Fabulous.

We went to Atlanta for the WFX Expo because All Pro Sound brought us in to play at their booth for two days and make their fancy equipment sound real fancy.  And it did.  Until the competition kept complaining that we were too loud and we had to turn it down.  I felt very "These amps go to 11."  But we handled it just fine and lovely.  

 I was thinking that all of my road blogs look the same.  And they most likely will continue to do so, but I thought I'd do ATL differently.  So, I'm doing a review of our hotel and food choices.

All Pro Sound put us up in the Omni.  We are not used to such red carpet treatment and some might could get used to that business.  I shall start my review with the hotel.

This was our view.  Amazing.

  • Nice, clean, many amenities (can we call them a-many-ties??), polite staff
  • Loved having a robe in the room (and feeling as though it was most likely clean)
  • Great view
  • Lots of pillows, which is great for Trent because he requires about 3-4 of them
  • Good food
  • Expensive food
  • You must tip for everything
  • Wireless is not free
  • You must tip for everything
  • You can only valet park and it's $30 a day
  • You must tip for everything
Loved our stay and extremely thankful that All Pro Sound generously provided the valet and room service.  And, while I could most definitely get used to room service and guava smoothies, I'm just a Holiday Inn Express, La Quinta, and Hampton Inn kinda girl.

Now for the important stuff.  FOOD.

Our first dining experience, courtesy of the All Pro Sound guys.
  • Fancy, but not too fancy
  • Perfectly cooked steak
  • The béarnaise mushrooms are like WHOA. Yummy.
  • Pretty expensive, for my standards. But pretty much worth it.

We were wanting something easy and within walking distance from the hotel.  And it was before I was off the poison gluten so it was a no-brainer.
  • cool environment
  • great pizza with that coal oven taste
  • LOBSTER MACARONI FRITTER. That's all that needs to be said. 
  • Affordable for sure

Hip Thai kind of sums it up.

  • EXCELLENT food  
  • They bring the rice in a separate bowl, so you can customize each bite.  Love that.
  • Very yummy pear martini.  Not too sweet and just the right amount of bitterness with some floral notes.  
  • the BEST Tom Ka Gai soup I've ever had

Latin food with a Cuban twist, or so they say.  We love Cuban food.  And, while it was good, we've definitely had better.
  • cute restaurant
  • lots of options
  • pork was good, chicken was bland. 
  • black beans tasted like they were right out of a can
  • Again, good, but we were hoping for more =)

All in all a wonderful time in Atlanta.  This weekend we're going to see Trent's sister in Athens...which I've never been to.  Excited!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Five Minute Friday (on Saturday): WELCOME

Five Minute Friday is the brain child of Lisa-Jo Baker.  Every Friday she gives a prompt to  write on for only 5 minutes.  No extreme editing allowed.  No worries about font, punctuation, or perfection.  Raw and real.  Then you link up to her blog.  

I didn't have a chance to do this yesterday, so Saturday it is!  The word:  WELCOME


Lots of things have changed as I have gotten older.  I worry about different things, I eat different things, I value different things, I pray for different things.  The list goes on.  And a new addition is how I adore the change of the seasons.

I welcome them.

Right now I want to give the weather a big hug and have coffee with it.  I welcome fall with pajama pants, slippers and a slightly darker blonde hair color.  I welcome fall with chai tea lattes and soup.  Scarves, hats, boots.  Doors and windows open.  Walks outside where dying from heat stroke isn't a possibility.  And with a home adorned in pinecones, pumpkins, acorns and autumn leaves.

Yes.  I welcome the seasons.  And it just dawned on me as I type...maybe I should welcome personal seasons as well.  

Even when they're not as enjoyable as brisk mornings and crisp nights.  Even when they make me feel exhausted and tired and sweaty.  Or when they make me feel numb to the bone.  Welcome them.  Because, after each season, there is a new one coming.  A new day.  A new beginning.  A new bud that will blossom into fruit.  He intended it that way.  Trust it.  Welcome it.