Sunday, October 30, 2011

South Carolina, Florida, and Georgia...Oh My

We left Nashville on Friday, October 21st (which happens to be my oldest nephew's birthday...just a little nugget of information for you) and headed to Columbia, SC.  We normally don't leave the day of a show, but we did this time.  It's only a 7 hour drive or so.  Those of you who have experienced "the road" or traveling in general, can relate that 7 hours isn't really that big of a deal.  Especially, if you have borrowed books in tow.  Thanks Papason and Gaylene!

(Guess which one is mine)

The show was at Watershed Books in Lexington, SC.  Very cool venue.  (Coffee shop meets bookstore meets artsy-fartsy).  PLUS, we got to stay with a sweet fan turned friend.  Kelly!  You. Are. Amazing.  Some of Trent's family (that I hadn't met yet) came out, too. It's always nice to meet fellow Monks. 

So, on the road, eating can really drive up your expenses. (Duh).  A lot of the time, host families and/or churches feed us very well, and we totally dig that and are extremely grateful.  When we're on our own, we usually partake in Subway...but that, my friends, adds up quickly, even when you're choosing $5 footlongs.  So this trip, we brought the cooler and sandwich fixin's.

Onto Jacksonville, FL / Journey Church and the Lamoureux's.

We meet the most amazing people through what we do.  People that believe in us, love us, and minister to us.  God has given us family all over.  People that we can count on for whatever, whenever.  This is such a sweet family and we are PROUD to call them friends!  They have beautiful voices and beautiful hearts.  And a very, very furry cat. (Another nugget of info for you). 

Oh, and they have two precious daughters that are our adopted nieces...

Georgia, oh Georgia (think Ray Charles)

Trent writing in our hotel room.  It really is a pretty sound and a neat (for lack of a better adjective) process to witness.  Me to him, "you should finish that song you're working on."  His response? A polite giggle. 

Apparently, I don't quite understand said process.  Either way, I like his guitar.  Can I get a what-what?

Mailing press kits and thank-you notes while on the road.  This was our first UPS experience while away from home, and I must say, we quite enjoyed it.  (BTW, we gladly welcome sponsorships...)

Radio interview @ the Lighthouse FM in St. Marys, GA.  Vickie...this woman is a SAINT.  A SAINT. And we love her.

My first time to wear headphones.  These suckers were monsters, as you can see, and I have a new found respect for radio personalities that wear them everyday.  On another note, I'd very much like to leave 'talking on the radio' for my husband.  I am not a fan.  It freaks me out.  I'm nervous I'll say something wrong, or not appropriate for Christian radio.

The Rock bible study @ Lighthouse FM.  It's a live, on-air bible study every week for area youth. We always have a great time and these kids are super sweet.  (Even if sometimes, I have to hold back my inner teacher...)

Until next time, be well and be blessed.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Our Story

I'm lucky enough to be married to my best friend. Cliche? Maybe. True? Most definitely. He is wise, kind, sweet, hilarious, giving, selfless, humble, and easy on the one in this world knows more about me than he does.  We met in August of 2008 after both of us went through some heartbreak and divorce. The attraction and connection was immediate and we got married in March 2010. We put our stuff in storage, I resigned from my teaching/coaching job and we hit the road. You're probably wondering "what does she mean by hit the road?"  Well, Trent is a singer/songwriter. A very talented singer/songwriter. A touring singer/songwriter.  So, by "hit the road," I mean we loaded up the 2005 Honda Pilot and traveled the country. Praying and living by faith, we went to churches, colleges, youth groups, and coffee shops so that his music could be shared.   

Rewind: Trent was part of the duo Monk and Neagle.  They had the #3 and #5 songs on the CCM radio charts.  To make the long story short, he began touring solo.  And during that time, is when I met him. He was hurting, heartbroken, and put-out with the music business. He quit. He quit music all together. Music is who he is. Music is what he does. It's a God given gift. Being the supportive girlfriend (we weren't married yet), I tried to understand. He began doing carpentry work. Then he enrolled in culinary school. The whole time I wanted him to be happy, but KNEW he wasn't finished. While this time in our lives was hard, it's where he gained some much needed perspective and it's where we grew as a couple. His heart was renewed and was reminded why he started music in the first place.  

Fast Forward: We toured. We prayed. We laughed. We cried. We prayed some more. We decided to move and settle down in Nashville, TN.  Isn't that where musicians are supposed to go? Even if the rest of the family is in Texas? Yes. (Try explaining that to my parents. That's another story for another day). We moved in a blizzard, almost ran out of gas, had a couch that wouldn't fit in our tiny cozy apartment, and sometimes wondered how we were going to pay bills.  Peace. It's one of the hardest things to describe. We know we're doing what we're supposed to do. And with that, comes peace and joy.  While living in Nashville, Trent has recently recorded a new album.  A much needed project. The songs are wonderful and need to be heard. With previous success PLUS a new record, you'd think this whole touring thing would be a piece of cake. It's not. This is a two person operation. We are the ones that email and call those churches, youth groups, coffee shops and colleges, and it breaks my heart for my dear husband when they don't get back to us. He allows himself just a moment of "what am I doing" "why aren't people responding" and then that's it.  He'll go back to writing music...soulful, acoustic-pop, with a message. A message that needs to be heard.

That's our story in a nutshell.  Stay tuned...