Monday, October 28, 2013


And when I say Atlanta, I mean Covington.  But we had to go through Atlanta, which is my least favorite city to drive through because MY WORD the people and the traffic.  I'm full on white-knuckled the whole time.

Also, I took ZERO pictures this trip.   


We had a show in Covington at Eastridge Community Church on Friday night, so it was a quick trip.  Out Friday, back on Saturday.  I don't know what it is about that Nashville to Atlanta stretch of road, but it wears me out.  Of course, me growing a human could be part of that, but still.  Me so tired.

The show had a small crowd but it was cool because we knew pretty much all of them!  It was like a family get-together at a church.  So that made it completely not awkward when Trent whispered into the mic and asked if I needed to pee.  We even performed a brand new song (so brand new that it's not even complete).  

Opening line: "I grew up in a mobile house, I know all about hand to mouth, but you're never gonna hear me complain."

It's catchy, no?

Stay tuned for a video of it on our Kickstarter page =)

After all the catching up and hugging of necks and talking of babies and Breaking Bad, we headed to the Lynch's house.  They are such a precious family and we adore 'em.  We love that Oliver is going to have family all over the place!  Such a blessing.  

We talked and laughed and stuffed our faces with yummy chili then went to bed.  And the next morning we stuffed our faces with coffee, French toast, and bacon (amen) before hitting the road.

It was a fast, good-for-the-soul trip.  Filled with good conversation, good hearts, and good food.  We love what we get to do and there's not a day that goes by we don't thank the Lord.

Now, we're pretty much finished until March.  We have a few shows left, but for now, it's nesting central at the Monk's.

Nesting and writing.

Holy cow.  We're about to be parents.


Saturday, October 19, 2013

Lots of shows, lots of pictures, lots of words

Hello there!  Are you loving fall as much as we are?!?  It's good for the soul, that's for sure.

When we left Waco, our first stop was Shreveport, LA for a show with New Life Center.  We hadn't been in a while and it was so good to see familiar faces and friends.  The Go Ministries group lives on the church's campus and they were an AWESOME crowd.  They stood, they sang at the top of their lungs, and they were just really sweet kids.  (Yes, they're in their twenties, but they're still kids.)

We left the next morning for Alcorn State University in Lorman, MS to sing at the Wesley Foundation on campus.  I felt good about our room number.
"For God so loved the world..." =)  

They fed us homemade red beans and rice with fried chicken and it was so, so  good.  The students were fun and liked the show and even sang along with me when I busted out with the Fresh Prince theme song.  It was a moment.  And here we are with the director, Vera, and the photographer's finger.  Ha!

The next day was a day off and it's when we made our way to Oxford, MS.  Such a cute town.  A family who has a condo generously let us stay there.  And another family left us a gift basket galore.  The snacks were great, but my favorite thing, if I'm being honest, were the mason jars and burlap padding on bottom.

The family that left us the basket took us to dinner that night and it was really good sushi.  Don't worry, I didn't do raw!  (I don't do raw even when I'm not growing a human.)  We were so appreciative of them!

Thursday was when we played for the Wesley Foundation at Ole Miss.  The Paris-Yates chapel on campus is beautiful.  

We were probably singing "These Arms" here.  I tend to touch my belly when we're singing to Oliver.  Also, this picture confirms Trent's reason for telling me to get closer to the mic.  I, however, think that distance is just fine. 

We had a great time with the students that night then, Friday morning, the Willis family (directors of Wesley) had us over for breakfast.  They are a precious, precious family and I adore their kids.  I mean, look at them!  And this picture confirms that we, in fact, are giants.

We left Oxford and drove down the road to Birmingham, AL and spent the night.  We had a wonderful dinner with some friends at a wonderful Italian restaurant.  I had the Nutella custard for dessert and it's as fabulous as it sounds.  But I also tried the white chocolate bread pudding and it also made me want to slap my mama.  So, if you're ever in B'ham, go to Bellini's.  You won't be sorry.

Saturday, we made our way to Enterprise, AL to be with Crossroads Church on Sunday.  We love these people!  We led worship (they meet in a movie theater and it's so cool) and had a concert that night at the church's coffee shop.  So much fun!

Gene and Leslie Oden.  (The pastor and his lovely wife.)  Great people!

We left Enterprise on Monday and drove all the way to Nashville (only 6 hours) for a writer's night with some Dove Award winners/nominees.  It was held at Edgehill Cafe and put on by our friends at Turning Point Media Relations.  It was a packed house and a fun night.  SO. MUCH. TALENT.

We got to meet some great people and reconnect with old friends.

Here's the group practicing the last number.  It was a mix of old hymns and very blue-grassy and very awesome.

From Left:  Cindi Morgan, Andrew Greer, Matt Brock, Amanda Crabb.

Then Aaron Crabb, my man (I only sang on the last song), Warren Barefield.

Ginny Owens sang on a song and these three...on my word.  A cappella, hymnal, 3 part harmony.  Yowza.

I got to meet Ginny and she's adorable.  And it was fun to see her and Trent get caught up.  (They were on a tour together years ago.)

Then back to Fulton, MS for the Wesley House at Itawamba Community College.  Again, great kids and a great leader.  The last time we were there and played, it was the day we found out about Oliver.  It was fun to tell the students and John that little tidbit.

We left Fulton and went to Collierville to see my sister and her family.  I love that they're in Tennessee!  We got loaded up with baby gear, said our goodbyes, and headed home.  

Whew!  It's all a big blur.  We are glad to be home and glad to begin the nesting process.  I'm happy to say step 1 (get rid of all the things) is complete and we figured out a crib will fit in our room.

I'm pleased to say Oliver won't be sleeping in the bottom dresser drawer.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Baby Shower

Greetings from Oxford, MS!

Last weekend when we were in Waco, some fabulous ladies threw me a shower at a cute place called The Mix.  It was so much fun and I loved seeing friends and family that I hadn't seen in a while.

My mom's friend made the cake balls (or are they cake pops?) and they were so cute!  And yummy, too.

The party favors were bags of delicious popcorn (from Off the Cob in Waco) with some blue wrapped Hershey Kisses and a sticker that said "Shellie's About to Pop!"  Thanks for the labels, Carrie!

We played a game and I laughed so hard I cried.  Read about it here because I'm too lazy to type it out.

Tammy made note cards to look like feet.  Hello, creative!

(There were lots of poop themed questions.  Which I'm always a fan of.  Poop is funny.) 

We chose to have a gift card shower.  Trent and I weren't going to have room in our car for a lot of gifts AND since we'll be in our tiny cozy 1B/1B apartment (stay tuned for how our set-up will look), we won't have room for a lot of baby stuff anyway.  Just the essentials.  So, gift cards were the perfect remedy.  And people loved it!  So easy.  Oliver did get some little things, though, and I love them all!

Elliot was a big help with opening gifts!  

I opened my mom's last.  And here it is.

A hanky turned bonnet given to her for me when I was born.  Here's the poem she put with it:

I'm just a little hanky
As square as square can be
But with a stitch or two
They made a bonnet out of me.
I'll be worn from the hospital
Or on Christening Day.
Then I'll be carefully pressed 
And neatly put away.

Then to find little me
With a few stitches snipped
A wedding hanky I"ll be.

But if perchance, it is a BOY
Someday he'll surely wed.
So to his bride
He can present this hanky 
Once worn upon his head.

The ugly cry happened.  

Julie emailed Trent some questions about us being parents and what-not and she read his answers.  He did a great job!  And there was more tears.

Trent's parents surprised us and drove down from Amarillo so Ginny could come to the shower.  It meant a lot to us.  While we were doing the girly thing, Trent took his dad to George's.  Because you can't come to Waco and NOT go to George's.

And Miss E found a cake she liked.  It was pink with flowers.  Totally her.

Nana!  Doesn't she look fantastic?  
This was after she told the owner that she "has a very nice family.  None are in the pen."  Haha!  We cracked up.

I felt the love that day.  And I am beyond thankful.  

Friday, October 4, 2013

A Weekend in Arkansas

Last weekend, we left Nashville and went to Arkansas.  We used Saturday as our travel day and it was great to take our time.  We got into town, got supper, got checked into the hotel and were showered and in pj's before 8:00.  That's living, people.  

On Sunday morning, we led worship at Kibler Baptist.  We LOVE these people.  They are amazing.  After the service, we ate at The Catfish Hole and our lives were changed because their hushpuppies are THE BEST EVER.  No joke.

We then had a concert that evening with Kibler.  Before we got started, Pastor Eric surprised us with a basket full of baby gifts that people had put together.  I cried, because that's what I do.  So much love!

AND, we got some homemade jellies and salsa.  We can't wait to dig into these.

The show was great and everyone is loving the new songs.  Then after we were finished, we stood up front and everyone gather around us as the pastor prayed for us and Oliver.  I cried, because that's what I do.  It was such a fun night!

Sweet Emma.

Our other family, The Weavers!

The next evening we performed at 43 Assembly of God.  And, because I'm a terrible blogger/photographer, I have no pictures.  So, I'll just tell you...

This was our second time to be with these precious people.  The first time, was my first time on cajon and I only played on 4 songs.  Now, I'm up there all the time and singing, too.  It was a full circle moment.

43 AOG is a small country church but they pack it out!  Old and young.  And my word!  They are a lively bunch...which always makes our job easy and fun!

We had a fabulous time and appreciate both churches so very much.  It was one of those weekends where we have to pinch ourselves.  You mean we really get to travel and sing about Jesus and meet sweet people?  God is good.

And now we're in Texas enjoying our last family time before we're parents!!!

*Speaking of pinching ourselves*