Wednesday, May 13, 2015

What we did in April (dot, dot, dot)

Hello again.  It's been too long.  I'm a slacker.

Our April consisted of some shows and some home time and some get-togethers with friends and it was wonderful.

Our first show of the month was in Hattiesburg, MS at the Wesley Foundation at Southern Miss.  It was a quick trip, leaving the day of the show and coming back the next.

Oliver loves windows in hotels.

We got to the Wesley and sound checked before they had a little meeting and so the three of us found a park where we could play.  The boy's first time on a big slide.  We still need to support him a bit.

He loved it.

Then we got the stroller out and went for a stroll.  ;-)

The campus has a great walking track and then the sunset was beautiful.  There was another guy instagramming it and I wanted Trent to instagram a picture of that guy instagramming the sunset.  He didn't.

The show was fun (college kids are so fun) and our OliVolunteer, Alissa, was amazing.  Everywhere we go, I try to convince college girls, who are good with kids, to move to Nashville.  It's a great town!  And we like good baby sitters.

Picnic breakfast the next morning.  (Oliver gets to have more sugary cereals on the road: #luckycharms.)

The next Sunday, we played at Lebanon FUMC.  We shared music there in January and were looking forward to going back.  

Oliver carrying the offering basket?  So cute. 

Our sweet OliVolunteer, Grace.  Fourteen going on a way more mature age.  She was great.  Oliver had a blast with her and her friends.

Such a fun night.  Plus, our neighbors came out!  So sweet of them.  And their adorable little is a fan now =)

We had a little more time home before we left for a longer stretch.  First stop, Arkansas, then Texas.  As we often do, we stopped to stay with the Barlow bunch to split up the drive and spend time with this dude.

The next day, we continued to Barling, AR to play at Community Church at Chaffee Crossing.  We've been there twice before and always enjoy our time.

This is what getting ready looks like now...

Oliver wore a cute tropical shirt that morning.  He always likes to "help" with the luggage cart and it just made me laugh.

With the practical shoes, khakis, and shirt, it looked like he had a job at a resort.  

When you need to steep in a pinch...

We left after church and made the drive to Amarillo.  There may or may not have been some Thomas and Friends on the YouTube due to a certain someone not napping as long as he should have and it's a 7 hour drive.

Whatever works… in moderation. ;-)