Friday, April 25, 2014

Easter 2014

(We were in Aiken, SC for Easter for a show...more on that later.)  

This was our first Easter as a family. Not traditional, by most people's standards, but our life is not traditional so it was just perfect for us =)

I didn't buy a new outfit for Mr. O... I used this cute thing that was $5 at Babies 'R' Us that I bought a few months ago.

And this duck bib was $.99 at a thrift store. Nothing a little hot water can't kill!

Also, our donation bucket doubled as an Easter basket. (Disregard my claw-like hand.) 

Notice the contents: the Easter story, a bath book, and a rubber ducky. Because nothing says "Christ is risen" quite like a rubber duck dressed as a pirate.

Clearly, Oliver wasn't impressed.

Maybe it was because there were some chocolate covered pretzels included but they didn't quite make the trip. (Mama was hungry and, let's be honest, I was going to eat them anyway.) I'll be sure to get the boy some Peeps next year!

Our little family on Easter. A selfie was the best we could do!

What did you do for Easter?

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Throwback Thursday Stories: Week 2

It's Thursday and that means Throwback Time!!!  Since my birthday is just around the corner, I chose this picture.

Turning 14…1994

Just look at all that 90s awesomeness.  And what's with our poses?  

My friends Holli, Stacey, and Autumn all have birthdays around the same time.  (In fact, Stacey and I share a birthday.)  So, for our 14th, we and our parents decided to throw a big bash to celebrate all of our birthdays together.

It was a dance with a DJ and everything.  Three different schools were represented and it was so much fun.  It was at one of the YMCA locations in Waco, TX and we partied hard.  (Or at least as hard as 14 year olds can party.)

I had spent the day at the pool (my typical summer activity) and then my mom took me shopping to find the perfect outfit.  I found it at Express.  High-waisted shorts (which apparently are back in style), a floral shirt that reminds me of something Blossom would wear, and Dexters with no socks.  

It was one of those birthday parties that has stuck with me all these years…20 years to be exact.  What?!?

Now we are all mamas with 7 kids between us.  Who knows, maybe we'll recreate the party one year! 

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Fake Business Names

The other day, Trent and I went on a walk with Mister Man and we started coming up with fake business names.  If you know me, you know I love puns.  So it should come as no surprise that most of these are, in fact, punny.  Also, I wouldn't be shocked if some of these already exist because we aren't the only clever people out there.

Here they are…

What in Tarnation
(Tar company)

Keyping it Real
(Key Makers)

The Whole Tooth and Nothing But the Tooth

Say It Ain't Sew
(Sewing store)

Nailed It
(Nail salon or Roofing company)

Breaking Plaid
(Clothing store)

Leaf it to Beaver Tree Trimming

and its sister company

Beleaf It or Not

United Steaks of America
(Steak House)

Crepes of Wrath and Planet of the Crepes

Bean There Done That Coffee Shop

and its sister shop

I've Bean Around the World and I, I, I (I Can't Find My Latte)

WOK This Way and WOK and Roll
(Chinese Food, which you probably knew that)

Stop, Drop and Roll
(Egg Rolls or Bakery)

Bread, Broth and Beyond
(Soup and Sandwiches)

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Shaved by the Bell
(Shaving salon)

Pillow Talk
(Pillow store)

Curried Away
(Indian Restaurant)

My brain always tries to make puns out of things, so we'll see if there will be a Fake Business Names Part II...

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Oliver is 4 months!

Dear Oliver,

4 months?!?!  I cannot believe it.  It is going too fast, but it is oh so fun to watch you grow!

Your 4 month stats:
16.29 lbs (70th percentile)
27 in (99th percentile)

You are long and lean!

This month, you started rolling onto your side and you are trying so hard to get all the way over!  In time, Mister Man.  I promise it will happen.

You are super alert and still aren't napping much.  But you sleep well at night, and that's a trade off I'm okay with.  

We still have to swaddle you at bedtime!  It's the only way to get you focused on sleep.  You simply cannot get enough of your feet and if they're not wrapped up, you are trying with all your might to get those suckers in your mouth.  Will we still have to burrito you next month?  We shall see…

You've been to even more meetings with us and even participated in a radio interview.  You cooed perfectly.  Everyone still talks about your hair and we're quite okay with that; it is pretty amazing.  

You are teething and you also had your first cold.  We're not sure if it was a real cold or some congestion due to the teething, but it was sad.  Your cough was pitiful!  We just had to let it run its course and then you were fine.  You're such a tough little booger!

We are getting close to buying you a new car seat because you're such a big boy!  So big, in fact, you're already praying.  You put your hands together and pray to Jesus and it's because you love Him and you're a super baby =)

You recognize us and laugh and carry on and, as we say, "it warms it."  You have had a few meltdowns and it breaks our hearts.  But, hey!  You're a baby…it happens.

I love bedtime.  You like to hear singing and you like to have your face right by mine.  It's like you bury it in there.  Precious.  You've also started to grab my pinky and thumb and put my hand in your face when you're tired.  Again, precious.

You saw the Easter bunny!

And you still love music!

Sometimes I get so overwhelmed with love for you.  When I leave the room and come back and you smile at me?  Oh my.  You know I'm your mama and you know daddy is your daddy and it is something special.  

We love you so very much.  There is NOTHING you could ever do to make us stop loving you.  Nothing. 

You are our favorite. 



Monday, April 21, 2014

Some Mississippi shows and some firsts...

Greetings from the road!

Our last run of shows was in Mississippi. The first stop was the Wesley Foundation  at Delta State University.  We were there about a year ago, so it was nice to see everyone again!

Another Daddy pic.  I'm sure I'm the only mommy who can count on one hand how many times she's carried the carrier...

They got us a basket of snacks AND some gifts for Oliver! So sweet.

And just look how they placed the monkey on the banana. Hello, clever!

Unfortunately, Oliver had a smidge of a meltdown when we got there. I nursed him and all was well.  Sara was our OliVolunteer and she was beyond precious.

She even took him out of the room when he MELTED DOWN AGAIN. I had to leave the stage to calm him. Once calm, we just left him in another room and she stayed with him.  Yowza. We survived, but it'd be great if that didn't happen again :)

The next morning we loaded up and headed to Oxford.  And this is what my man does on the road... Unload, unpack, pack up, load up. Repeat. Road life is not for the faint of heart. Or the lazy.

We were supposed to have been going to Starkville, but the shows fell through last minute and so we ended up having a little vacation in Oxford, thanks to our friends who have a condo with plenty of room. They even had a crib in its own room. Translation: Oliver slept in a separate room for the first time. Definitely harder on me than him. 

Since we were in town, we shared some songs at Ole Miss Wesley Chapel.

Love the windows.

And love my boys.

The condo is close to The Square in Oxford, so we would walk there each day.  There's tons of too-expensive-for-me shops and great food.  And a sahweet phone booth.

Our dare devil. Lord help us. 

We had breakfast with friends on Friday and Oliver was loved on by some adorable little ladies :)

Our host said he'd watch Oliver if we wanted to have a date. As hard as it was for me, I said yes and we went out to eat by ourselves. 

Of course I checked my phone the whole time, but baby steps. (He slept the whole time.)

On Saturday, Palm Sunday Eve, the Easter Bunny made his/her way to The Square and so did we!

Here we go...

You can do it...


We were able to go to church Sunday morning AND Sunday school. And that was Oliver's first time in the nursery. We survived that, too.  We had a wonderful brunch with our host then had a Sunday nap before heading to the Wesley House for our last show.

(Yes. That's my cat DJ shirt because it's funny.)

It was a fun night! But, Oliver had another episode as we were finishing up. What in the world?!? I'm blaming that particular one on being hungry. 
So, to recap, first time sleeping in another room, first time having a date while someone other than my mom watched O, first church nursery. 

And we're all still in one piece. Imagine that. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Throwback Thursday Stories: Week 1

I love Throwback Thursdays.  Not only is it fun to see other people's old, and sometimes embarrassing photos, it's fun to go through my pictures and reminisce.  That's why I love this idea from Jessica at The Mom Creative.

Starting today, we will share our throwback photos on instagram and also blog about them, then link up.  The idea is to have documentation of memories…  52 memories, to be exact.   

Because Easter is Sunday, I thought I'd start here:

Easter 1983 or 84?

As you can see, I got a haircut that year.  The hairdresser?  Me.  I got a pair of scissors and gave my bangs a trim.  I vaguely remember this.  I don't remember the actual act, but I remember my mom's horror.  This is one of those pictures I grew up looking at and laughing to myself.  Also, I think I am wearing one of my Nana's nightgowns.  And I'm sure I was excited to dig into some Easter candy.

Do you have any embarrassing Easter pics?  Like, say, an awful dress?  Share 'em.  You know you want to.