Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A San Antonio Weekend

Greetings from a hotel in Arkansas!

A few weekends ago, we had some shows in the San Antonio area.  Friday in Uvalde then Saturday and Sunday in San Antonio.  It was a quick trip, but we managed to eat some Mexican food because of course we did.

The first show was in Uvalde at a historic opera house that apparently is haunted.  That's what the people told us, anyway.  It was a cool building and oh how I love old stuff!  Plus, backstage had some seriously sweet props.  If you follow Trent on instagram or Facebook, you saw this.  I like to have fun.
(There was a fabulous Loretta Lynn-ish blue dress that I so wanted to put on and do my best Coal Miner's daughter/Sissy Spacek impersonation.  We didn't have time, though.  Boo.)  

My parents got to come which means my mom took pics.  And I need to work on my faces when I sing because this?  Looks painful.  And slightly constipated. 

We stayed at Neals Lodges and we LOVED it and can't wait to go back.  We wish we had longer to hang out there.  My parents stayed with us and they loved it, too.  We, of course, started planning the next family trip with my sisters and their families.  But, upon explaining the camp to them, I don't think they're as excited as we are.  To quote Carrie, "If it's not a 4-star hotel with a spa, I'm not going."  Ha!  I'm hopeful we can persuade them. 

*And this is where I slacked and took no pictures.  Fail.*

We left and headed to San Antonio with enough time to stop on the River Walk for about an hour for that Mexican food I mentioned. (Amen.)  Then, off to the hotel for a shower and then straight to the church.  

The show was at King of Kings and we had a great time!  Trent's been ending his show with "How Great Thou Art" and there were some kids that sang it in like 5 part harmony or something equally as crazy.  It was beautiful.

The next morning, we sang at TriPoint.  We had been before back in September, so it was great to see familiar faces and hug their necks.  They have an acoustic stage in the entry of the church and we set up there to play music for when people were filing in.  What a cool idea!  Then we played special music during the service.  Trent's newest single "Rise" continues to get an amazing response whenever we play it.  Talk about encouragement!  

"Rise" hits iTunes June 25th and radio on June 28th.

So go ahead and mark your calendars!


Not really ;-)

Thursday, May 23, 2013

The one where we celebrate our birthdays and Mother's Day...

We were able to be with my family for our birthdays and Mother's Day.  We haven't seen them (or Trent's family) since Christmas!  

My birthday day (May 6th) started with pedicures with my mom.  Again, it had been since Christmas since we did this.  Far too long.  

Once we knew we would be here for my birthday, I knew where I wanted to eat. Naturally, I picked Ninfa's.  It's just so good.

The next day was Trent's birthday and I surprised him with a very special gift.  

What was it, you ask?  Candy and underwear because apparently I give gifts like I'm a grandma.  I did put cute messages on the candy, so it did have a personal touch.

He also ended up getting a dutch oven.  The man loves new kitchen equipment.

Trent decided on Poppa Rollo's (the best pizza ever) for his b-day dinner.

We spent the week after our birthdays at my parents' house getting work done, booking shows, and doing laundry.  The evening before Mother's Day, the four of us played 9 holes on the par 3 at the golf course I grew up going to.  We had a blast!  (Related:  playing golf really let's me know how old I am and how much flexibility I've lost.) 

I was so happy to be in town with the whole fam for Mother's Day.  (We haven't been able to do that since 2010.)  All of us got together for lunch at Dead Fish Grill.  I'm not a huge fan of the food, but the views more than make up for it.

Good for the soul for sure.  The next week and a half we spent time with the niece and nephews and had some shows.  And now, we are doing more laundry in preparation for another Arkansas run which will lead us to Amarillo then to California!  

Can't believe it's almost June...

Thursday, May 9, 2013

First stop: Arkansas

We left Nashville on May 1st and won't be back until July.  I know.  Our car is packed to the max.  (Camping equipment included.)  Why such a long trip?

We're heading West, my friends.  California, Oregon, and Arizona!  And our first stop was Arkansas.

The first show was at Southside Baptist in Alma, AR.  Here's Trent with Pastors Eric and Aaron.  The show was for the community youth and they were very well-behaved. (Which is sometimes surprising, actually, when talking about youth.)  

After the show, we ate with some friends at a local steakhouse and I caved and ordered the chicken fried steak because it just needed to happen.  And it was so good.

A random cold front came through just in time for our outdoor show.  Oh joy.   It was freezing.  But, luckily, I had packed warm-ish clothes.  AND, praise the Lord, I had my space heater that I placed at my feet.  I would've taken a picture, but my hands were frozen.

Even though I'm off the gluten, I still cheat occasionally and always regret it.  I was craving a funnel cake something awful and so I marched over to get me one.  I practically inhaled it.  Then I was sick the next morning (I'll spare you the details) and I vowed to my stomach to never ever ever do that again.  

On our way to the next stop, we ate at our favorite Cuban place.  Meet the "pechuga de pollo al mojo de ajo," which I think is a fancy Cuban way of saying  "chicken in garlic sauce."  But with the rice and avocado and stuffed potato and fried plantains, it's so much more.  My mouth is literally watering right now.

We were able to go to the church (Community Church at Chaffee Crossing in Barling, AR) Saturday afternoon to set up and sound check.  This always makes Sunday mornings less stressful.  (It also makes for a later alarm.)  We got our shipment of t-shirts and I love all the colors!  

After sound check, we got to the hotel (Homewood Suites by Hilton).  We quickly realized it was pretty darn close to the size of our apartment.  Which should give you an idea of the size of our apartment...

We watched the Kentucky Derby, napped, went to eat, got caught up on Nashville, and then ended the night with SNL.  It was delightful.  (Trent continues to be amazing just how easily I nap.) 

The next morning went great!  Getting to new churches and getting in front of new people is always a joy.  And this congregation was so warm and welcoming.  Plus, it was Cinco de Mayo and the service countdown was to Mariachi music with a graphic of a big pot of tortilla soup.  It was awesome.  I love when people don't take themselves too seriously.

We left after the service and booked it to Texas for family time, our birthdays, and more shows.

Stay tuned!