About Me/Us

My name is Shellie.  I am married to Trent.  We got married in March 2010, moved to Nashville, TN from Texas in 2011.  Had a baby (Oliver) in 2013 and another (Amelia) in 2016.  We love Jesus and food.   

(Oliver - about 4 months)

(Amelia - 2 days)

We travel full time as musicians.  I used to be just the "merch" girl and then I played percussion for him and now we're officially a husband and wife duo and are having a blast!  Feel free to check out our website or listen to some tunes.



The music business is a crazy animal and a very political game.  That's hard and very frustrating.  I love being able to do this with him and we adore the people we get to meet on the road.  The vast majority of them are sweet, kind, giving people.  But some will leave you scratching your head and saying, "really?"

Going through this adventure has made me more of a positive person, even though there are lots of negatives in this business.  It has been a journey and will continue to be.  Hopefully. 

Hope you dig the blog...

Still reading?  Well...I love all things turquoise and have an obsession with crackers and cheese.  I love crafts, old stuff, chipped paint, SNL (I still think one day I'll be a guest), the beach, and laughing.  Laughing until it hurts and there's tears.  I'm so happy my man can do that for me.  I love flip flops.  Bacon, MERCY, I enjoy the stuff.  I enjoy red wine and REAL coke, but not together.  I used to do the diet coke, but that aspartame business freaks me out and I don't want to grow an extra limb.  (Kidding).  I don't drink enough water and I always tell myself to try.  Peanut butter?  Yes, please.  I love music and movies.  I wish I liked politics more.  Or do I?   I would like to one day have a garden and my own bees and chickens. I'm in my thirties and still like and wear graphic tees.  I LOVE MY FAMILY.