Saturday, July 16, 2016

Amelia is 3 months!!!

Dear Amelia...

What a month! You are growing so fast and changing before our eyes and it's bittersweet.  People can't believe you're only 3 months.

This month you started standing, with our help of course. You have such strong legs and you love to straighten them and kick them!

You started grabbing things, kind of. You grab your blanket and like to snuggle it, chew on it, and rub it on your face. We've even started putting toys in your hands and Oliver thinks it's so neat. You also grab my shirt while your nurse. So sweet.

You still eat a lot and every night is different. Sometimes you sleep 4-5 hours and sometimes you're up eating every two hours. But, something I've learned in my few years of mothering: don't let sleep be your God. And so, I soak up those moments with you.

This month brought your first Independence Day!  

You are starting to laugh when we say "boo" and tickle you and it's adorable. Also, you've started rolling onto your side! What?!?! So soon? So, your arms are officially out of the swaddle.

You like to bury your face to sleep when I'm holding you or wearing you. Freaks me out, but I move your face often.  You also like to blow spit bubbles and the drool is starting. Bibs it is!!

You love chewing on your hands and fingers.  Sometime to the point of gagging, so that's fun.  Still no paci, though.  I keep trying never know!

This month you had your first pool experience in Salado, you went to your first nursery in Oklahoma, and your first taste of the road life. And, on your 3 month b-day, we went to the beach!

You officially hit the road this month and that brings me to your states: AR, OK, MO, TX, GA, FL. Six states in one month. You'll catch up to big brother in no time.  You're handling the road very well.  Sometimes you get fussy in the car, but you're calmed with looking at a toy or having the window rolled down.

The road has brought with it your first times away from mama.  There have been some tears (from you and me both), but we're surviving!  Your first road trip deserves its own post, by the way because MY WORD.

You're getting stronger and stronger at tummy time!  Oliver thinks it's pretty cool...

You met more family this month and I'm sorry I didn't get pictures of all of them!  I can tell you this, though:  they're as smitten as we are.

We cannot express how much we adore you, Amelia.  We love you so big, sweet girl! Life has never been sweeter. Kisses and hugs.

May the stars always align for you...

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Amelia is 2 months!!!

Dearest Amelia,

13 lbs, 13 oz
24 1/4 in

What in the world?!?  You've been with us for 2 months now and words cannot express our love for you!  Yes, you are hard work.  So is your brother.  But, our hearts are full.

This was a big month!  You did a lot of firsts...

Your first Musician's Corner in our hometown.  You slept the whole time except needing to nurse once.  You and I went to kids' corner with Oliver and I tried to hula hoop while wearing you and it didn't work.  Glad I didn't fall.  Ha!  (More firsts below.)

Your grunting is pretty much gone...yay!!!  Sleeping is improving, though you still eat all the time.  You're not taking a paci (STILL) and so sometimes that's all I know to do.  FEED YOU.  Hey, it works =)

I take a lot of pics of us during the night.  I don't want to forget those sweet, tiring moments.  Plus, I have to keep you upright for a bit after nursing or you'll spit up.  Sometimes PROJECTILE....eek.

You've started giving me a few longer stretches at night, so I thank you!  You're still swaddled, but you can get your arms out and suck on your hands.  Girl, listen to'll love a paci!  I promise.

It's pretty fun to dress you.  Thanks to some friends, you have oodles of clothes.  So much that there are days I don't know what to put you in!  I call this picture: PATTERNS.  =)

We're still trying to get you to take a bottle.  Sometimes you'll take an ounce or so and other times you flat out refuse.  So, we'll see.

You love outside.  You're so calm and alert!  We'd go out more, but the mosquitoes are terrible.

We keep you with us at night, after Oliver goes to bed, and just hold you.  Now's the time to do that and we love it!

You've really started smiling and cooing this month.  It's THE BEST thing ever.  Oliver still yells because he likes to see you jump.  He's in a lot of time-outs because of that.  Bless.  He loves you so much!!  Always saying, "I need to touch Amena!  I need to touch her.  Put her by me!  I need to hold Amena!"  And the other day, he hugged you and said, "Amena, you my best friend?"  Your dad and I got emotional.

You go from totally happy to totally angry very quick.  When I do bedtime with Oliver, your daddy brings you downstairs and I can hear you scream.  He turns on the hair dryer and you stop.

Your brother had strep and I was scared you got it, due to some of your behavior, so I took you to the ER for the first time.  Luckily, it wasn't strep, but you did get your first cold.  Sorry, sweet girl!  Lots of germ sharing is gonna happen around here.

I mean...

We go on walks and as long as I'm moving, you're happy!  And now, you're even looking around and taking it all in.

That cold took us to the doc.  I just wanted to be sure all the flem wasn't in your lungs.  And it wasn't!

You had your 2 month visit and got your shots.  So sad!  But you were calmed instantly by sweet mama milk.  

The doc that saw you (not your usual one) was going over your stats with me.  He pointed to your weight and said, "she's 95th percentile which is a little heavy for her age.  It's pretty normal for breast babies to do that so we aren't going to put her on a diet."  Instead of telling him off and saying, "my girl is perfect and healthy and how dare you say the 'D' word in her presence.  We use words like strong and healthy," I chose to practice restraint and just nod. 

I know he didn't mean anything by it, but I've had issues in the body department, just like most women, and let me tell you something, Amelia...the world will try to tell you you aren't good enough, pretty enough, skinny enough, stylish enough, flirty enough, etc.  The list will go on and on.  My prayer for you, since the moment I knew you were you, is that you will find your worth in Jesus.  That you will have confidence in Him and through Him. 

We love you so big, sweet girl.  May the stars always align for you..


Thursday, June 2, 2016

Oliver and the Paci Fairy

Oliver loves his 'da.'  That is the name he affectionately gave his pacis.  He took to it as a baby and I kept it going.  They have helped get him to sleep and stay asleep.  They have helped him calm down. They have also shaped his teeth.  And I had no intention of taking it away.  I figured, "hey!  He won't get married with it!"  

Then, Memorial Day morning, we drastically decided to get it done.  We were upstairs and I told Trent, "I don't know which to do first...paci or potty."  In typical Trent form, he responded with a, "Let's just do the paci today.  Get it done." 


We can do this, right?  We can do hard things.  How bad can it be??

Enter the paci fairy. 

A quick google search provided many fairies but I chose her.  Oliver was instantly interested in leaving his das for the fairy so she could take them to babies in need.  What really got him was the promise of a new toy she'd leave him.  

We talked it up all morning.  He was on board!!!  This will be so easy!!!

Nap time came around and he willingly put them in a bag.
 (Excuse the sheets from the 80s...I was washing his strep infested sheets.)

He willingly walked to the porch to leave them.  

He was so excited!!!  This will be easy!!!

Mommy and Daddy cried at this point.  A visible sign of a growing boy.  I'm getting teary typing.  Ugh.

Then came time for me to put him down for nap and oh my word.  SO HARD to see his tears and hear his pleas for his da.  "Mommy, I can't have my das anymore!"  "Mommy!!  I need my das.  I need them."  He was even telling his stuffed animals about his pain.  I cried with him.  I calmly explained and reminded him about the fairy and how he'll get a new toy for being such a big boy!

I had to go back up with him and sing until he was asleep.  He woke up after only an hour (he normally sleeps for 2-3 hours) and was very sad and fussy.  We walked him to the porch to see what the fairy brought: 


That night was way better and each sleep time gets easier and easier.  He's still sleeping through the night and not screaming.  Falling asleep seems to be a little more difficult for him, but he's doing it!  We're on day 4 and I'm so impressed and proud of him.  He still asks about his beloved das.  Like a, "hmmm...where my das go?"  It's sweet and sad all in one.  Just like parenting in general.  His mouth seems to have already taken on a more big boy look and it's crazy.  

He's always been an adaptable little one, probably due to our lifestyle.  I'm so thankful for that.  I'm also so thankful for Trent.  Without him, I'd be a smother and not a mother.  I'd have major problems being able to pull the trigger on all things growing up.  

Also, just a tip, don't blog about a growing child while listening to sentimental music.  Not smart, mamas.  Not smart.  

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Ride the Rails

The day before I went into labor, we took Oliver to the Tennessee Central Railway Museum.  It was free (praise hands!) and the attendees could see trains, toys, collectibles, and all things railway.  I was sold.

These trains are still used! They didn't go out on this particular day, though.  We just got to go inside and take a look. In September, Thomas and Friends comes to town at this location.  One employee said it's a madhouse and he's already dreading it.  Haha!  

This one had a sitting area above the train and it was all windows!  So cool.  And of course, I put O in a Thomas the Train shirt.  Duh.

The museum was small and a bit over Oliver's head, but still neat.

This was a great set-up!  Oliver was amazed.  Also, it was so cute to see all the old men with their trains.  I had a vision of Oliver maybe doing that one day.  Ha!

 It was a chilly day but a fun one.  And little did we less than 48 hours, we'd meet our little girl.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Amelia is 1 MONTH!

Dearest Amelia,

My, oh my.  Words cannot express how you make us feel.  You are the perfect addition to our family and we could not be more in love with you.  You, my dear, are something special.  I pray you always believe that.

You make all kinds of noises...the loudest one is grunting.  Just like your brother did.  But, I know it will end so I'm not worried =)

Your brother loves you.  He loves to kiss you, touch your head, and yell to scare you -- which he gets in trouble for.  He cannot wait until you can play and talk!  If he walks into a room and you're not there, he asks, "Mena go?"  Yes, my girl...your nickname is Mena.  We think it's pretty cute.  

Your other nicknames are Little, Sweet Girl, Sister, Girlfriend.  =)

You are a pretty chill baby.  You don't fuss much -- except when you're tired, hungry, or want to be held and you love to be held.  And you eat all the time, it seems.  We are getting to know you and you are getting to know us!  In the early morning, when you're squirming and trying to figure out if you want to eat, sleep, or get up, all it takes is a hand on your tummy and you'll calm down and drift back to sleep.  (Usually.)

I have no idea how long you are or how much you weigh but I KNOW you are growing.  We went to the doctor when you were a week old and you were given the all clear to wait until the big 2 months.

You're in size 1 diapers, which occurred pretty quickly, and pretty much all 3 month clothes.  Holding your head up by yourself is getting easier and easier despite not much tummy time.  You're just held (and worn) so much that it's happening naturally.  

You're not taking a paci which means I'm your paci.  I've tried a couple different types but you just gag.  So, there's that and that's ok.  You do suck on your hands and wrists so maybe you'll be a thumb sucker...who knows?

You love to hear Daddy play guitar and sing to you.  You instantly calm down.  It's pretty precious.

We told the hospital to only wipe you down (I'm a little granola, you'll soon see) and so it was a little over a week before water hit your body. You didn't like your first bath.  Now you do...most of the time.  We keep the space heater on and you love the sound and the heat.  I'll be honest, though.  You're not bathed a whole lot.  I'm sorry and you're welcome =) 

This first month has gone by so quickly but at the same time it feels like you've always been here.  Such a weird thing to explain. While I look forward to sleeping again, I can't help but hold you a little longer.  I look back at when your brother was a baby and I wish I had, so you're my chance.   

We're soaking up every second of every minute with you, sweet one.  May the stars always align for you...
(That's from your daddy.)

I love you so big, Amelia.