Thursday, December 8, 2016

Our Day Out With Thomas

We have been all about Thomas and his friends in this house since Oliver was 18 months old.  He knows all their names and can recognize them waaaaaaaay before I can.  There's even an Oliver train, which we don't own.  Last year, we were going to do the whole Day Out With Thomas while we were in Texas, but we didn't because it was really hot.

This year, we were actually in Nashville when Thomas made his stop here.  We bought tickets (hello, $20 a person!  What??)  and planned the day.  Oliver had seen commercials and would get so excited, or as he says, "I'm so exciting!"  We didn't tell him what we were doing until we drove up to the location.

The grounds had all kinds of stuff to do.  Crafts, bounce houses, games, a little train to ride, and a tent with all the Thomas toys and trains you could imagine.  You know what may not be the best idea??  A tent with all the Thomas toys and trains you could imagine.  Imagine a lot of toddlers who are still learning how to share and some adults who are still learning how to share and then tell the toddlers to "leave the toys now and let's go somewhere else."  Yeah... Trent said it was like throwing meat to lions and telling the lions not to eat the meat.  One adult even grabbed a train out of Oliver's hand.  My word.  And another kid grabbed Oliver's personal Thomas we brought.  Oliver freaked out, the other kid freaked out, us and the other adults exchanged understanding glances and nods, and this was all within 15 minutes of us getting there.  

We survived the lion tent and went about our business.  

Little train ride with Mama!

Nothin' like a train tattoo!

Also, I found this Day Out With Thomas shirt at a thrift store for $1 because ain't nobody got time to spend $20 on a shirt he'll where for a year. Nope, not on my watch. 

We rode the 10AM train which was the BUSIEST one.  If we do it again, we'll do the 9AM one and hopefully get closer to Thomas.

The ride was 20 minutes.  Which was long enough because at about the 12 minute mark, all the toddlers started getting a little restless.

We did not wait in line to get an official picture with Thomas.  We improvised because we value our time and sanity. 

A quick snack for all before leaving...

All in all, I'm glad we went.  It was a little pricey, but you could literally spend all day there if you wanted. 


Wednesday, December 7, 2016

I forgot about July...

I'm blogging about July.  For those keeping up at home, I'm backtracking.  Because my brain is mush and I'm tired and I forget things.

After our family vacay to the beach, we got home and Trent had a writers' round (in a line?) at The Sutler in Nashville.  We've been there a few times for dates, but it was fun to go and sit and listen to amazing writers.

We got a sitter for Oliver and we had a date (with Amelia) before the event.  So naturally, we took some selfies and we clearly nailed it. 

Sister Girl was wonderful and adorable.  

Fun night!!

When we rented the U-Haul from Amarillo and drove it home, we brought a piano with us.  I made over the bench with what I had on hand:  fabric and paint.  

We divided our room to fit all the acquired things, and maybe I'll give a tour one day...

The last weekend in July, we drove to the Kansas City area...

We got checked in and the babies got to stretch.  #hearteyes

We shared music at Emmanuel Baptist Church  for both services.    

The kids did great in the nursery.  I got to sneak a peak of Oliver during their lesson and it was the sweetest thing to see him sitting and listening!  Plus, the nursery director gave him a new car.  

Funny story:  the pastor introduced us at the first service to kick things off.  We were standing to the side before the second service started, and an elderly lady came up, said hello, and looked at her watch.  She told us it was about time to get started.  We agreed, but were waiting for the pastor to give us the go ahead.  He was talking to some people, so we didn't know what to do and definitely didn't want to interrupt.  We just waited.  Well, the lady came back to us and was a little more firm with her instructions and basically told us to get up there and get started.  HAHAHA!!  Keep in mind, she is not on staff.  She is simply a member who likes to start on time, lol.  Eventually, the pastor started and all was well, but Miss Punctuality might've gotten a little frustrated.

We had a concert that night (so much fun!) and they served sweet treats.


If I can remember correctly, we split up the drive coming home?  I don't know; July was too long ago.

But this.

And this.  We take our sour cream consumption serisouly.  

We also stretch at pit stops.  

When we rolled back into town, we went straight to get groceries.  Oliver saw this man and said, "Yook!  It's Daddy!"  

I don't even know what he was thinking but it cracked me up and I needed to remember it.

Thanks for traveling with us!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Road Trippin'

The holiday season is upon us.  In addition to all the food and family, it usually means travel for most of us.  We are quite familiar with life on the road.  We have it down to a science.  Sure, there are curve balls like poopy diapers, traffic jams, and NEED COFFEE NOW, but overall, we LOVE the open road and the adventure it gives us.

We have our trusty mini-van, Charles.  (Yes, we name things in this family.) But, let's say you need a bigger vehicle for a road trip.  Did you know you could rent someone's car?  Turo is just that!  You can forego the big rental companies and rent privately!  You can meet up with the owner or arrange a drop-off.  Think Uber, but for rental cars.  Like Air B&B.  You can even list your car for extra cash!  INCREDIBLE.     

When we're home for too long, we get antsy.  There's nothing quite like getting in the car, picking somewhere to go, and cranking up your favorite tunes.  Life is an adventure and this country has some beautiful treasures.

When I was pregnant with Oliver, we drove out to California, up Highway 1, and to Oregon where we camped for a week.  I would love to do that with the kids and hit up San Francisco, since we didn't last time.  Who knows?  Maybe we fly and then rent through Turo when we're there!

Now to the fun part...MUSIC!!!  Good music makes road trips way more fun, right?  So I'm going to give you an idea of what our road music looks like.  And, no.  We don't listen to ourselves!

In no particular order...

Florence + The Machine // Dog Days are Over

Katie Herzig // Hey Na Na

The Lone Bellow // Then Came the Morning

Twin Forks // Can't Be Broken

Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors // American Beauty

Gavin DeGraw // Not Over You

Patty Griffin // Stay on the Ride

Regina Spektor // Samson

The Lone Bellow // Cold As It Is

Marc Broussard // Home

Dave Barnes // Little Lies

Feist // 1-2-3-4

Jason Mraz // I'm Yours

Jack Johnson // Banana Pancakes

Twin Forks // Back To You

Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors // Here We Go

Patty Griffin // No Bad News

Dave Barnes // What We Want, What We Get

Regina Spektor // On The Radio

John Mayer // Something Like Olivia

Jonas Brothers // Love Bug

Miranda Lambert // Makin' Plans


Regina Spektor // Folding Chair

Sara Bareilles // I Choose You

Twin Forks // Reasoned and Roughened

Ben Rector // Brand New

Andrew Peterson // Dancing in the Minefields

Andrew Peterson // The Rain Keeps Falling

Bob Dylan // Forever Young

Brooke Fraser // Something in the Water

The Civil Wars // Barton Hollow

Ben Rector // Song for the Suburbs

John Mayer // Walt Grace's Submarine Test

Ben Rector // The Men That Drive Me Places

Jack Johnson // Sitting, Waiting, Wishing

You guys...I could literally go on and on and on.  I love me some good playlists.  I didn't even touch 80s or 90s music.  Or the songs the kids like.  Or Christmas!!!  

So, what trip are you going to plan?  Where will the open road take you?  Why not start planning

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Our August: some crafts, some shows, and a rash that won't quit

August seems like it was a looooong time ago and I guess it was.  Anyway, here's what ours looked like...

I love crafts and love to do them with Oliver.  I had some empty frames and saw this idea and so we tried it!

Not perfect but perfect for his room.

One of Nana's embroidery hoops with some burlap and paint = random bathroom art.  Again, not perfect but it makes me (and others) smile.

The empty frames mentioned above were because we took out some CDS and put them all in one big frame that now hangs in our room/writing area.  I love how all the colors go together. And enjoy seeing years of hard work.

Now for some shows.  We went to Hampton, GA to play at Berea Christian Church's Homecoming service.  We always stay with the pastor and his wife in their guest house.  It's a great little getaway for us.  And Oliver started kind of swimming! 

Sister Girl rocking the swim diaper.
I don't have any pictures of us playing, but I'm sure you can imagine: it's me sitting and Trent standing and we're singing.  Hahaha!  The service was fun and the lunch after was yummy.  Gotta love a good ole church potluck.  Of course, Amelia had a blowout, but it happens. 

Another weekend in August, we made our way to Kennett, MO to play at FUMC.  We stopped in Jackson at the Casey Jones Railroad Museum.  We just let Oliver play a little and pick out a new train.  Such a neat place!

We got to the hotel and made a little tent for the boy.  The next morning, we led worship and did a little concert after the service.  It was outside and the weather was actually perfect! 

This was an early morning. 

Her face!  Hahaha!

"Mommy, can I wear Monkey and go to the store?"  So sweet.

Result of waking too soon...

Much needed haircut for the boy.

Daddy on diaper duty. 

Oliver's staph on his eye healed.  But then I took him in for a rash on his arm.  That was fungal and required an ointment. 

Then there was a rash on his nose.  I took him in and that was impetigo and needed an antibiotic ointment. 

Also, I ended up with staph on my face which required the same ointment. 

Also, some of Oliver's mosquito bites got infected and the ointment worked on those, too. 

All that to say, I swear we are clean people and bathe often.  If I ever see a rash again, it'll be too soon.