Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The end of May

I don't know what the deal is, but I'm slacking in the blog department.  So, here I am with our end of May shows and whatnot.

After some time home, we went back to Arkansas for a run of shows.  It was in the Van Buren area and we always enjoy our time there.  It feels like a second home.  We always hit up our favorite restaurants and the hotel employees know us and know we'd like a fridge in the room =)

And it has an indoor pool which was a great way to waste time. 

First, we played at Cedarville Baptist Church for their Wednesday night service.  It was mostly youth and you never know how youth will act, but they were fabulous!  Oliver hung out with our friend, Heather, and even scored a new toy tractor.  Then the sweet pastor asked if he could buy "a tape."  Precious.

The next day, we found a fun park to burn off some energy.  There was an amazing playground but Oliver's not really a fan.  He just walks around aimlessly.  He loved the court, though.  Future baller?  Lord knows he'll have the height.

Thursday - Saturday, we played at Larry's Pizza in Fort Smith.  It's a great venue and the owner brings in Christian bands.  It was a fun change of pace.  We got to do some songs we don't usually do for the church shows!  

Our childcare fell through, so we asked a pastor and his wife (who are awesome grandparents who we've met through playing at their church a few times) if we could bring Oliver over.  They graciously said yes and we were so thankful!!!  And Oliver had a great time.  Lorita was kind enough to send me pictures to put my mama mind at ease.  Here's a favorite:  kitchen picnic (his 2nd dinner, ha!) with new friends.  Also, he had chocolate milk for the first time and chugged it.


"Get me outta here!"

Sweet fans who have followed Trent for a looooong time!

We sang Happy Birthday for the first time and then the birthday girl was proposed to.  Fun times!  I got teary.

I think I'm getting days mixed up based on the clothes Oliver has on, but oh well.  We found another park and this one had a train!!!  Rides for only .25 cents.  Score!  He loved it despite how he looks in the pics…

Mexican food!  (Not very good, but we didn't go hungry.)  The boy likes to dip-dip.  A phrase we've adopted from cousin Blake.

Another park day!!!

Yes, he's trying to drink the collected rain water.  Eww.  

This run of shows finished up with the Sunday morning of Memorial Day with the fine folks at Cliff Terrace.  I think this was our 3rd year to do it.  After we play, they always have a big cookout.  We usually stay, but needed to head home and try to beat the bad rains that were coming.  They did, however, fix us up some to-go brisket and potato salad (amen.) and it was yummy!

We made it home and enjoyed a relaxing (rainy) Memorial Day with this cutie.