Thursday, March 30, 2017

Oh, hey! We had shows in November and December!

#betterlatethannever 😬

I literally had to look back at our calendar to see what we did in November and December.  I thought maybe I wouldn't blog about it.  But then I remembered why I'm doing this.  I want to look back and read these and share memories with Oliver and Amelia.  So, for what it's worth, I continue...

In November, we made our way down to Montgomery, TX and split up the drive in Texarkana.

Truck stop fun =)

Fancy hotel dinner.  I can't believe how much they've grown in a few short months.  Pass the tissues! 😭

We played at Walden Community Church, which we've been to a couple other times.  The last time we were there, I was newly pregnant with this nugget!

We shared originals and also did a little Christmas set.  It felt great to be able to kick off the season!

They put us up in a church member's condo on Lake Conroe and it was lovely.  One of those moments where we wish we had a little more time to enjoy it!

That night, I went in to the extra bedroom to nurse Amelia and decided to nurse her in the bed.  I ended up falling asleep and slept all night in there.  Oliver was with Trent in the other room.  Haha!

We left Montgomery, drove to Salado,  spent the night, left Oliver and drove to Waco with Amelia so we could lead at the Texas Baptists Annual Meeting.

It was a great night and the Baylor Men's Choir was wonderful and even sang along to our songs...very cool.  We so appreciate Tom Tillman (see below) for asking us to be a part.

We asked a dear friend to watch A while we played.  Lauren is a Baylor student who I kept when she was a baby!  Such a sweet moment and also like, "Whaaaat?  I can't be that old."

The next day... When in Rome Waco. 😏

We celebrated Thanksgiving with my fam and Trent's and then played in Dumas, TX at Grace Thru Faith.  We lead worship and shared Christmas songs and were able to get back to Amarillo (only about an hour drive) so these 2 (and Mama and Daddy) could nap.  Hallelujah and Amen.

That week, on a Wednesday, we played for the young adults at FBC Amarillo.  So.  Much.  Fun.

It was our first time to play to a room where everyone was in the same season we are:  raising babies.  So, they understood when we got emotional talking about our kiddos and also laughed in solidarity when I realized I had dried spit up in my shoe.  It was a good night.

They also had a hashtag, which I loved.

We went back to Salado, dropped off Oliver, then left with Amelia and headed to Sugar Land.  We had a room with two *TINY* double beds.  Solution?  Push them together and it's a Super King.  It's now a practice we use whenever possible.  It's actually amazing.

The next morning, we sang a few songs for the Southeast District of the Texas Conference of United Methodist Churches.  Say that three times fast. 😳 Anyway, it was their annual Christmas brunch and we were honored to be included.

EEEEEK!  All the heart eyes.

Our view of Town Square Plaza from our room.  It's really a neat place.

Naps on naps.

We played at Town Square Plaza that night and it was rainy and cold.

We played two songs and they called it off.  (I was pretty glad about it.  I was freezing. And also there were about 3 1/2 people in the crowd.)

So, like most humans, we went and ate Mexican food.  Duh.

Meanwhile, Oliver got to go to his cousins' games.

Then, Sunday we left Sugar Land, drove to Salado, dropped off Amelia with Grammie and we headed to Gatesville for another Christmas show at Highway 2 Heaven Biker Church.

These people are so wonderful, loving, giving, fun.  I cannot say enough good things about them.  We love going there and hope it's always a stop.

We went home for about a week before going back to Texas to play at Hulen Street Church in Fort Worth.  

We've played there two other times and we always enjoy it so much.  

Oliver wanted to see the "ativity" scene.

It was also his last day of being a 2-year-old.

And us ladies decided to match.  Look how wittle she was!!! 😩

My mom came up to see us and some other family came out, too!  It was a great end to our little Christmas tour.

We left after church and drove to I can't remember and got a room for the night.  I made sure I packed party decor and a couple gifts for our THREE-YEAR-OLD. 😭 I'll do his "party" blog another time, so for now, here's our sweet boy.

Once we got home, we were home for good for the holidays and it was perfect.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Amelia is 11 months!!!

My sweet Amelia.  Why is it going so fast?  I feel like I start every letter to you in that way, but it could not be more true.  You are growing and learning new things every day.  It's a JOY to watch.  This one is emotional for me because it's the last letter before you're 1 year old.  

We added Louisiana and New Mexico to your states this month and you're pretty excited about it.  

 Your little scrunch nose smile melts our hearts.  It shows those teeth perfectly.  We're still waiting on more, though.  You're holding strong at 8, but your chewing and behavior tells me there's more coming soon. I just can't get in there to see without you biting me. 

You had your first Valentine's Day and enjoyed your little gifts.  As you grow and find love, I really hope you don't put a lot of pressure on V-day.  It's just a day, Sister.  Remember that.  

You. Love. All. Food.  Seriously.  You eat anything and everything.  You even snuck a peanut butter cracker.  πŸ˜¬ Oops.  GOOD NEWS:  you're not allergic.  I didn't think you would be, but I also hadn't planned on giving it to you yet, either.  Ha! #secondkidproblems

You also already had some milk from Oliver's cup.  You liked it, so I'm sure that transition will go well for you.

You learned how to copy-cat me and stick your tongue out.  Pretty adorable and hilarious.  Your laugh is throaty and awesome and Oliver can still get it out of you the best.  

You're getting better in the car, but still want to nurse to sleep.  I give in because the screaming in the car is not pleasant.  You also started sticking your finger in your mouth and gagging, which you think is the funniest thing.  Me?  Not so much.  Which makes you laugh even more.  πŸ˜‚

 You can clap and dance and you're really starting to walk more and more!  You point at pictures in books but also fuss when I get them out because you know it's nap/bed time.  

I was away from you for the first time (other than a few hours here and there) and you did great!  It was probably good for both of us, but I sure missed you (and your brother).  

I CAN FIT YOUR HAIR IN PIGTAILS.  The back keeps growing, not the you're rocking the baby mullet.  

We think you're singing already.  You "lalalalala" in little melodies whenever you hear music.  You'll stop just long enough to dance when you hear a song on the TV and that's about all you care about in regards to shows.  

You officially started playing outside.  You LOVE the sand and water table.  You also like to find rocks and try to eat them, so I've gotta be on my toes.  One day, we came in and you were chewing on a tiny, red berry.    

You went through a phase of taking drinks of water and then immediately spitting it out on yourself and laughing.  STINKER.  There's also a new thing you're doing.  While I hold you, we hug Daddy.  You'll lean in and put your head on him, then push him away and pat me.  It's as if you're saying, "This is my mama."

When you're told "no" or something is taken away, you can throw a fit.  Sometimes, you'll fall to the ground, bury your head, and cry.  We laugh at you, I'm so sorry to say.  It's just so dramatic! 

Being confined in any way makes you very upset.  You love to walk around and explore.  But, we gotta do it sometimes.  You love being upstairs and playing because you can roam free.  Your interest in dolls is growing and it's so cute.  You pick them up (and stuffed animals, too) and pat them on their back.  Oliver's monkey is your favorite and he'll let you borrow it from time to time.  

That time you ate mud...

You'll still fall asleep nursing sometimes and I soak it up.  Look at that face!!!

You know the sign for milk!  That's about it.  

I mean...

My darling baby girl.  You have changed my life and I adore you.  I love you so very, very much.  THIS big and it gives you a hug.