Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Let Freedom Ring // 2015

Trent's parents decided to fly in for the July 4th weekend and we were so excited!  Especially since now we have an extra room for guests!

Oliver loved the airport.  Always with his cars...

A friend came over to sit while Oliver was sleeping and we went out on the town.  The weather was perfectly beautiful. 

We ate at Acme Feed & Seed.  Really cool place with 3 different levels, different restaurants, old architecture, and live music.

Then we went to Robert's Western World and Tootsies.  Our favorite honky tonks.

We needed a selfie stick.  Also, downtown was PACKED.  And that's when we started to think going back down there for the fireworks was not the best idea.

The next day, we went to Antique Archaeology and please try not to be so impressed with my photo skills.   We all love American Pickers, so it was really neat to see some actual picks we've seen on various episodes! 

On the actual 4th, we went to a thrift store because everything was 50% off.  And that's something you don't miss.  

Since we decided to forego the downtown festivities, we stayed in and just hung out.  Sure, it would've been nice to see the big show, but it was rainy and I, for one, didn't want to mess with all the people.  Plus, our neighborhood ended up having some decent explosives.  Yes, I was a little nervous because HELLO! RESIDENTIAL!  But, all was fine.  Nothing burned.  

The next day, we took PawPaw and GiGi to the airport, said our goodbyes, then went to the mall.  Strange, I know.  Oliver had so much fun and so did we!  There was a train to ride...

His face says it all.  

Blurry :/

And he loved seeing the fish.  Looking at the world through his eyes is pretty remarkable.  

It was a fantastic weekend!  Now, who's our next visitors?

Monday, August 3, 2015

June came and went

Want the shortest blog ever?  I've waited so long, now the memories aren't fresh so my commentary will be lacking.  The month of June was great.  We were home a lot and got a lot done.  We also played some music.  (As if you needed clarification on what it is we do.)

We went to Musician's Corner in our lovely city.  Oliver met a dog who is gluten intolerant and had her own bottled water and carrot sticks.  

Oliver and Whit had their first jam session.  And so did their dads.  (They didn't get a picture.)

Trent bought his first suit since 1994.  My response after he bought it?  "Mama's going shopping."  Which I haven't done yet.  Because let's be honest…elastic bottoms and somewhat clean shirts is my uniform right now.

***Side note:  when he was getting measured, I said to myself (in a Russian accent), "you move, you bleed."  Bonus points if you can name that movie.***

We had a date, thanks to neighborly childcare.

We drove 25 minutes to buy a $30 sand and water table found on Craigslist.

Oliver and I went on a walk while Daddy was in a co-write.

He tried, and is currently still trying, to master the whole fitting both cups in his mouth at the same time thing.

We met up with some amazing friends (the Hootens) for lunch and we can't wait for sweet Tabitha to move to Nashville!

Oliver got a haircut and it went MUUUUUCH better than the first time.

He also showed us his climbing skills.  The boy tries to climb everything.  EVERYTHING.

Trent worked on the Christmas EP some more.

We went to Montgomery, AL...

to play at Frazer UMC...

on Father's Day.

We had a wonderful morning.  Everyone was so incredibly kind and Oliver got the royal treatment in the nursery.  

We came home and did an online concert from our house.  Next time, I'm wearing pjs.  Also, big thanks to our friend Tyler for helping us with sound.

***We're doing another one on August 6th, 7:30 CST.  Mark yo calendars***

We tried out a splash park in near downtown.  

Then walked around downtown. 

Then ate downtown.

So that's our June in a nutshell.  I cannot believe it's August!!!  

Time is a weird thing.