Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Texas, our Texas

*Amarillo to Dallas to Austin*

Not gonna lie; it feels good to be in Texas.  
In Amarillo, we soaked up our family time.  We had a blast, even though we tend to stay up too late.  We did manage to get some work done, though.  What I mean by that is, Trent had a show at FBC Amarillo.  They were some of the sweetest people!  And, the youth pastor was from Robinson...small world.

Travis, Amy and Anna came!

Leaving Amarillo and this was the sky.  Beautiful.

We stopped and got a burrito.  Don't judge.  They're tasty fried pockets of goodness.

Trent had an interview at KLTY/94.9 FM in Dallas for their New Music Cafe with John Hudson.  Turns out, John's from Amarillo too.  So, The Big Texan came up...naturally. And so did Taco Villa.  What can I say, we like our food.

The interview should be airing on Saturday, May 5th at 7:00 pm.  You can listen on-line!  Last Saturday was Dave Barnes, this Saturday is David Crowder, then Trent.  Sounds like a great way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, right?

Trent also had an interview at KFMK/105.9 FM in Austin and Randy Phillips from Phillips, Craig and Dean was there.  I forgot to get a picture.  Oops. 

That's all I got for now.  Later! 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Melrose Place

I'm not referring to that show from the 90's.  I'm talking about Melrose, NM.

Trent's grandparents, Mama Pat and Papa Tuck, live there.  While we were in Amarillo, we drove the couple hours to spend time with them.  We can sit and visit for hours and we always do.  Tuck and Pat have an amazing story.  Same birthday, married at 17 (they're celebrating 60 years this July), grandparents by 40, and all sorts of adventures in between.  Plus, they are the Mayor and First Lady of Melrose!

We arrived on April 10th and Mama Pat showed me something she had just written.  I read it.  I was moved to tears and so was Trent:

Thoughts going back today to many years ago. A young couple, not quite 6 years into their marriage, with a sweet little 4 year old boy. Expecting a new baby with some anxiety, as two years earlier, their second son, born too early, had gone to be with Jesus. Their little girl also came too early and within a few hours was with Jesus. Devastation…and yes, depression, but little did they know the plans their Heavenly Father had for them! (Jeremiah 29:11). They were blessed with another son and also got to have 3 nephews live with them for 5 ½ years. Now, 54 years later, they have 2 wonderful sons and their wives, 5 beautiful grandchildren and a precious granddaughter-in-law and 2 great-grands! Happy 54th birthday, Tiny Tammy Monk. Give your brother a big hug for us. We love you, Mom and Dad.

I could not believe we came on Tammy's birthday.  Trent and I got to hear stories of both her, and her brother's birth.  What a special moment we were able to have together and what a powerful testimony they have.  I immediately asked if I could share the story for others to read and she agreed. 
Trent soaking up some wisdom...

A game of 10,000 usually happens on a visit.  It is an AWESOME dice game and a Monk staple.  If you'd like to know how to play (which you should) I'll teach you.  Now, look at Mama Pat's face.  She gets so excited during 10,000 and it warms our hearts.

Their first grandchild.  Trenton Tuck and Tuck Noble.

The ladies.  Right after some yummy Mama Pat pancakes.  Maybe we should call them Mama Pat-cakes...we'll see.

We only stayed one night with Mama Pat and Papa Tuck.  Trent had a show the next night in Amarillo, so we had to move along.  Can't wait to do it again.

We Love You!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

...Arkansas and Missouri...

Whoa.  It seems like forever since I've posted.  We've been in full on family mode and I'm a bit behind.  Anywho...we had some shows in Arkansas and Missouri.

It was our first trip with the new plates.  It only took a year to change them.  Maybe one day we'll change our licenses.
43 Assembly of God in Van Buren, AR
It was my first night on cajon.  I hit the mic with the shaker and tripped when I stepped on stage.  You know...typical embarrassing stuff.
Radio interview at Spirit 106.3 FM/KZKZ in Fort Smith, AR
We always find a way to go to Frank's.  Fabulous Italian food in Van Buren, AR.  Seriously.  The olive oil you dip your bread in will make you slap your mama. 
We got to shoot guns. Big guns. Loud guns. Somewhat scary guns. Trent did pretty well.
I, on the other hand, was nervous.  I had a casing fly on my arm that burned me.   And I would've only slightly wounded my assailant.  
Kibler Baptist Church in Alma, AR.  SWEET people.  I even got to autograph a cd or two (which is random, and hilarious, and sweet all at the same time).  When Trent first started the show, the pastor's son leaned over and asked his mom, "Is that Jesus?"  The mom replied, "No. He just sings about Jesus." 
Isn't that adorable?

Prayer time before the show.  Well, this was just before our prayer time, but you understand.  
Evangel Temple in Fort Smith, AR
There were major sound issues on this particular morning. Trent started playing and the guitar made an awful, loud buzzing sound.  The sound people immediately began rushing to fix it.  It kept happening.  I felt so bad for him!  But, he kept on going, singing a cappella while the south technicians resolved the problem.  Trent finally finished and the congregation gave him a standing ovation.  Trent said "Wow! That's the first standing ovation I've gotten from technical difficulties."  It was such a joy to watch him handle a very frustrating situation with grace and humility.   
Rena Christian Church in Van Buren, AR
Matt Turner snuck a picture of us.  I'm glad he did!
The owner of Cardio Studio always lets us come workout when we're in town.  So, we did before heading to Missouri.  Check out our gym bags.  That's right, folks.  Grocery bags.  
Chuck, our 2005 Honda Pilot/Tour Bus, hit 200,000 miles in Missouri.  We've already put over 2,000 more on him.  (And please disregard all that dust and hair.  Thank you).
Amy Sampson, Kristy, Bob and Deb Berger.  They live in Monett, MO and have become dear friends of ours.  Love them.  We had a night off and Amy offered us a place to stay.   
Trent had an interview with Rod Kittleman at 99 Hit FM/KADI in Springfield, MO.  We always have fun on the air with Rod.  But, he always makes me get in on the action.  I am not a fan of being on the radio.  Trent is great at it.  However, I never know what to say.  For example, this particular morning...I mentioned my monkey toes.  Classy.
St. Peter UMC in Blue Springs, MO.  Rev. Jeff Long and his wife, Susan, always have us stay at their house and they are some of the sweetest people ever!  I forgot to get a picture.  Next time...
I made a friend in Blue Springs.  His name was Brock and he was precious.  He colored me a picture.  Then colored more.  Then stapled them together and said it was a book.  Then made me a bookmark and followed me to the ladies' room to give it to me.  Brock also asked me, "Are you Mr. Monk's mommy?" 

We went to Amarillo after Missouri and it was great to come to TEXAS!!!  We are still here and are loving our family time.  Stay tuned...

Monday, April 2, 2012

Faith Like a Child

We were in a Fort Smith, AR church yesterday for Trent to perform. It was a typical day.  We show up, Trent does sound check, we meet people and figure out where I'll set up merch.  While we were waiting for the service to start, we sat down behind some folks and commenced to the usual church small talk.  They had a little girl with them and she was just adorable!  She must have been about 4 years old.  Long, dark hair with a pretty bow and beautiful olive skin.  And big, brown eyes that seemed to stare right through you.  

She was bashful when we waved and smiled at her.  But, a few minutes later she reached back and handed Trent an envelope.  Her mother, laughing, said "I have no idea why she wants to give this to you."  You see, it was empty.  Still, it was sweet for her to warm up enough to give a stranger something, even if it was an empty envelope.

The service began with announcements of that day's luncheon, next week's Easter egg hunt, and a celebration for a member's 100th birthday.  Shortly after, it was time for the offering.  As the usher came to her row, she joyfully stood up and dumped a handful of change in the velvet bag.  It was hard not to notice her pride.  Then, she proceeded to unzip her tiny pink purse and dump out ALL of her change. It made us smile and get a tad weepy.  I tapped her mother's shoulder and said, "that was precious."  She agreed.

Just wait.  There's more.

On this Palm Sunday, the church performed an Easter Drama.  I'm sure you've all seen one before.  This child soaked it up with such interest.  Still, quiet, enamored.  It was as if she was watching her favorite movie or cartoon.  Then came the time in the drama where they marched Jesus to his death.  She watched.  Hands went to her face.  Almost a look of shock.  She cried and cried and cried during the mock crucifixion.  It was moving, emotional, and powerful.  Her mother picked her up and rocked her and I can only imagine what was said. We were told after church, that the little girl recited the Lord's Prayer when the service was over. 

It was such a blessing to witness, first hand, childlike faith.  The kind where you don't question the offering plate and dump it all in, happily.  The kind where you see a typical Easter drama and are moved to tears.  It was sweet, it was convicting, and I cried too.

Well done little girl with the pink bow and matching purse.  I will always remember you and will pray for your walk with God to remain strong and unwavering.

And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven." 
Matthew 18:3