Monday, January 12, 2015

Oliver's First Birthday Party

As you know, Oliver is 1!  Seriously can't believe how fast it went.  We look back at his year in pictures and video and are in awe of the precious angel God gave us.  

When planning his party, I stayed away from Pinterest.  I dabbled in birthday searches waaaay before his birthday and even pinned some things.  But, I stepped away and made a vow to myself to use my brain and not get carried away.  

Therefore, what you'll see here is a family affair with simple food, iPhone photographed.  

It was a STAR theme because, "You are my Angel, my Darling, my STAR."  

There are a LOT of pictures.  Your first child only turns one once, amiright?

A table dedicated to the birthday boy.

Daddy working hard on party food.  (These would end up being star shaped quesadillas.)

I got his monthly pictures printed from this site that prints from Instagram.  LOVE them.  I hung them on string with clothespins and then propped up some of my other favorites below.

Cheap chalkboard from WalMart.

Cheap from Walmart that I painted and wrote the quote on.

Ok.  The cupcakes did NOT turn out how they were supposed to (and weren't the best tasting either).  Not the best star I've ever seen, or writing, but they were inexpensive and got the job done.  I found the cute paper stars at JoAnn's and will use them for my Christmas decor next year =)

I wish it said Mister Man but Little Man was a decent substitute.

When Oliver got up from his 2nd nap, he was obsessed with the balloons.  So cute.

Sweet Elliot!

  My precious sisters.  

The food.  At the last minute I made signs because it was fun to come up with star-themed names!

North Star Spread

Little Dipper

Big Dipper (queso)

QueSTARdillas… ;-)

Meteor Bites (Chic Fil A nuggets)

Ollie's Comet Dogs 

Zodiac Snacks (star shaped rice krispie treats)

We had way too much food.

Present time!  

Of course, he was more interested in boxes and paper.

He did love something we got him and cried when we took it away.  Poor guy.  (PS. I made the bunting on the chair.  Yay for burlap!)

The tears were soothed with a cupcake.

Pa pa pa paparazzi.

  And straight to the bath.  

It was the perfect 1st birthday for our sweet boy.  

And this?  Hilarious.  

(Also, the fabric I used to make his tie shirt helped with the STAR inspiration.)

Friday, January 9, 2015

...The Merry Little Christmas Tour Continued…

The tour started in Sugar Land, then went to Waco, and then to Gatesville.  All cities in TX and you can read about those shows here.

We had a bulk of the tour in Arkansas and it was nice to be in the same hotel room for the 5 nights we were there.  It's just waaaaay easier.

The day before we left, Trent and I (and some other family in Salado) were sick.  We were so relieved to not have to cancel any shows.  Also, taking care of a tiny when both parents are sick?  No fun.  Thank God Oliver didn't get it.

This is what he does in hotels.  Every time.

Just keepin' it classy.

We got to town on a Saturday night and were able to sound check for our performance Sunday AM.  Again, always glad to do that!  We played at Bethlehem Free Will, where we've been before, and had a wonderful time.  Everyone was dressed festive, the sanctuary was beautiful, and people were as friendly as ever.

When we dropped O off at the nursery so we could make sure the sound was okay, he was screaming.  We could hear him from the stage, but then it stopped.  A sweet elder in the church went and got him and was walking around with him and Oliver was as happy as can be.  He's a social butterfly, I guess.

That night, we played for the youth at Heritage UMC and Oliver caught a nap on the way.

They had a Christmas party and then we did a little show for them.  And I must say, they were pretty well behaved considering it was Christmas, school was almost out, and they were hopped up on candy and soda.

Oliver was pleased as punch to just sit on the pool table all night and hang out with our friend, Heather.

That night, once the boy was asleep, we watched TV and munched on some fabulous mint-chocolate chip cookies a friend gave us that morning at church.  

We had Monday off, so there was a lot of Food Network, pajama wearing, and resting.

And Bible reading, of course.

We went out to eat for dinner and had to take a selfie in front of the restaurant's pretty tree.  (I miss Christmas…)

Sweet boy fell asleep nursing, which never happens and he doesn't cuddle, so I soaked it up.

Tuesday, we played for the Van Buren Police Department's Christmas Party.  It was in the youth room at Heritage, so we didn't have to get all set up…it was still there from Sunday.  Yay!  

Heather watched him again (we love you, Heather!).  This time, Oliver played with basketballs.

Wednesday, (of course, it's been so long ago this whole blog could be waaaaaay off on what happened when, but y'all don't know that and it really doesn't matter.) we went to the mall to break up the day and get some shopping done.  Mister Man loved the car stroller.

And I loved this photo op.

We got him some new gloves!  He wasn't sure about them…and still isn't.

Later that night was our last show in Arkansas at 43 AOG.  This church was the first church where I played percussion.  Then we went back when Oliver was in my tummy.  Then a couple months ago, we had to cancel a show due to the 6 hour traffic jam we were in.  So it was GREAT to be back and not have to cancel =)

Oliver ate dinner in the sanctuary.

And we sported our Christmas shirts.  

This little boy wanted Trent to sign his guitar.  Such a sweetheart!

We went back to Salado to celebrate Oliver's birthday and my family Christmas before heading to Fort Worth for the last show of the tour.

The boy loves his hotel play time.

Trent and his new cutie patootie travel pants.  And yes, Oliver wore pjs to dinner.  I would too, if I could.  Related:  the brisket tacos at Saltgrass are amazing.  

Our last show was at Hulen Street Church, which was also our last show in 2012!  It was wonderful to see familiar faces.

Baby TOMS.  They might just be the ticket to world peace.  

We played both services and some of my family even came to one!  

We left right after church to drive to Amarillo.  It's only a 5 hour drive, or so, but it seemed to take FOREVER.

After taking 2013 off to have a baby, it was nice to do another Christmas tour.  It's my favorite time of year, filled with joy and beautiful music, and it always goes by way too fast.