Friday, September 7, 2012

Five Minute Friday: Graceful

Five Minute Friday is the brain child of Lisa-Jo Baker.  Every Friday she gives a prompt to  write on for only 5 minutes.  No extreme editing allowed.  No worries about font, punctuation, or perfection.  Raw and real.  Then you link up to her blog.

I've followed Lisa-Jo Baker for several months now and have always wanted to participate in Five Minute Fridays but haven't had the guts to.  And sure enough on the day that I decide to, the prompt is Graceful.  Funny. 

Funny because that is a word that has never really applied to me.  I've heard funny, pretty, tall, crazy, smart (on occasion), but never graceful.  And that's quite alright.  I've never thought much about it.

As believers, we hear the word grace all the time.  I try to handle every situation I encounter with grace.  And I think I do a pretty good job of it.  Does that make me graceful?  I'd like to think so.  

As I am nearing the season of being a mommy, graceful is more on my mind.  I want my future children to see a mommy full of grace.  Not in the way I move or dress, but the way I mother.  The way I treat their daddy.  The way I treat others.  The way I respond to other women.  

That sounds like a lot of pressure.  Will I do it perfectly? Not hardly.  Not even close.  But, because of His perfect grace, I will get a little closer.

Whew.  That was rather therapeutic.  Would you join me?  Even if you don't blog, I think you should.


  1. Hi Shellie,
    Congratulations on becoming a mother! God is so good to teach us grace through motherhood. We receive so much of it and are required to give by grace what we have received by grace. Enjoy the journey:)

  2. Hi Karen! I'm not a mommy yet. Haha! I should've been more clear. Thanks for the kind words, anyway. I can't wait for that journey =)

  3. Love this sweet friend - thanks for being "brave" enough to participate :-)

  4. First timers at Five Minute Friday - they make me the happiest. Welcome. There's no wrong way to play along. You just take the leap and we're cheering you every step!