Monday, January 12, 2015

Oliver's First Birthday Party

As you know, Oliver is 1!  Seriously can't believe how fast it went.  We look back at his year in pictures and video and are in awe of the precious angel God gave us.  

When planning his party, I stayed away from Pinterest.  I dabbled in birthday searches waaaay before his birthday and even pinned some things.  But, I stepped away and made a vow to myself to use my brain and not get carried away.  

Therefore, what you'll see here is a family affair with simple food, iPhone photographed.  

It was a STAR theme because, "You are my Angel, my Darling, my STAR."  

There are a LOT of pictures.  Your first child only turns one once, amiright?

A table dedicated to the birthday boy.

Daddy working hard on party food.  (These would end up being star shaped quesadillas.)

I got his monthly pictures printed from this site that prints from Instagram.  LOVE them.  I hung them on string with clothespins and then propped up some of my other favorites below.

Cheap chalkboard from WalMart.

Cheap from Walmart that I painted and wrote the quote on.

Ok.  The cupcakes did NOT turn out how they were supposed to (and weren't the best tasting either).  Not the best star I've ever seen, or writing, but they were inexpensive and got the job done.  I found the cute paper stars at JoAnn's and will use them for my Christmas decor next year =)

I wish it said Mister Man but Little Man was a decent substitute.

When Oliver got up from his 2nd nap, he was obsessed with the balloons.  So cute.

Sweet Elliot!

  My precious sisters.  

The food.  At the last minute I made signs because it was fun to come up with star-themed names!

North Star Spread

Little Dipper

Big Dipper (queso)

QueSTARdillas… ;-)

Meteor Bites (Chic Fil A nuggets)

Ollie's Comet Dogs 

Zodiac Snacks (star shaped rice krispie treats)

We had way too much food.

Present time!  

Of course, he was more interested in boxes and paper.

He did love something we got him and cried when we took it away.  Poor guy.  (PS. I made the bunting on the chair.  Yay for burlap!)

The tears were soothed with a cupcake.

Pa pa pa paparazzi.

  And straight to the bath.  

It was the perfect 1st birthday for our sweet boy.  

And this?  Hilarious.  

(Also, the fabric I used to make his tie shirt helped with the STAR inspiration.)

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  1. Those food names are impressive! I was cracking up about big and Little Dipper. Hahha big dipper is where it's at! HapPy 1st birthday to your sweet boy. Bring on the toddler mayhem!! Ah!!?!