Friday, December 16, 2011

Wine Cork Wreath

If you're like us, you save your wine corks.  We started saving like THREE YEARS ago, because I had plans to make a trivet or a cork board.  There are TONS of ideas on Pinterest, too.  I saw this wreath on the Today show and I heard angels sing.  (Not really, but I decided I wanted to make it).  If you don't partake of the wine, you can buy corks at craft stores or find some on ebay.  I love this idea because it can be for ALL seasons, just change the ribbon...that's my plan anyway.  Oh, and it was super cheap! Especially since I had the corks already.

You will need:
hot glue -- $2.49
foam or straw wreath (this one is 12") -- $6.99
ribbon (Christmas clearance) -- $1.49

Begin by gluing corks on the inside of the wreath like so.  I will tell you that I didn't count the total corkage I used, but I know it was over 150.  Also, make sure you have a protective surface beneath the wreath (towel, newspaper, whatever) so you don't get hot glue on your carpet or table.

Continue the gluing process all the way around the foam:

For the final ring, I chose to glue the corks like this.  You can absolutely keep with the same pattern as the rest.  I liked the look of this and it took a few less corks.  I put the different colored ones on the bottom, although they would look cool on top as well.  I decided to not put any corks on the back, so that it would hang flat against the door.

For the final step, randomly glue corks on the top of the wreath.  This will cover the foam that is visible through the layers of cork.  This step can go on and on.  Get it how you like it and call it a day.

I just love it.  And so does Trent.  Nothing says "Welcome" like a wreath make with wine corks, right?

Merry Christmas!  

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  1. I love this! I made a cork board a few years ago, and it was so fun! Its fun to look at it and remember what you had.