Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wenzel/Barlow/Self/Monk Christmas Video

Money is tight.  Especially during the holidays.  We all know that.  Luckily, we only buy for the (5) kids in my family.  This year, I wanted to put together a short little video for an inexpensive, yet meaningful Christmas present for the family.  Trent has mad skills when it comes to editing...I think it's that "artsy" part of the brain.  Anywho, he kindly agreed to the idea (thankfully because I don't know how to work iMovie).  I started getting some shots during Thanksgiving and then we just figured out what else/who else we needed.  We all watched it together and cried, because pictures and video put to music = automatic waterworks.  

My favorite parts are:  seeing my parents with 5 healthy grandkids, Griffin pronouncing Santa as "Panta," asking the kids what they are thankful for, Elliot singing Silent Night, Blake on his "bike" coming around the corner, Caleb playing basketball (he's getting so big), Noah being Noah and saying he's thankful for God...and a toy.

Music for the video:  NEEDTOBREATHEWhite Fences and The Weepies, All That I Want...

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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