Monday, December 15, 2014

Sugar Land // Waco // Gatesville

The Sunday following Thanksgiving, we went to Sugar Land, TX to play music at Christ UMC.  This was our 2nd time to visit there and we look forward to making it a regular stop!

The Road Grammie came with us we stayed in the Town Square. It is the cutest little area!  Even cuter now, with all the Christmas decorations up.  

We got into town Saturday and ate dinner at Ruggles Green.  Very cool place with healthy options.  Oliver ate quinoa mac & cheese!

We were on the 7th floor, overlooking the square, and my boy is a dare devil and my heart dropped every time he did this…which was all the time. 

No high chair, so hotel picnic it is!  (With quinoa mac & cheese for breakfast.)

Their service didn't start until 11:00, so that made for a much more relaxed Sunday morning.  He even napped before church (and after)!  

The set was amazing and Trent will build these for me one day.  

We enjoyed leading and sharing songs for these guys!  

The hotel had beautiful trees up.  (Excuse the leg photo bomb.)

After resting, we went back to the church for the concert.  Trent likes to be serious in all his pictures.  Clearly.  Also?  More quinoa mac & cheese for dinner.  Ruggles has huge portions.

Christ UMC had us as part of their Advent Kickoff.  It was a very special night and a great start to our Merry Little Christmas Tour.

More pretty trees!  Since Grammie was with us, we got to go have adult time both nights!  Thanks, Grammie!

And a…nutcracker soldier?  Is that right?  

We got back to Salado and had the week off.  Then we went to Waco, TX (my hometown) to play a short set at the Waco Wonderland.

It is such a neat thing, this Wonderland.  Ice skating, food, a ferris wheel, music, Santa, carriage rides.  Fabulous.  Seriously…Waco got cool after we left.  With this and food trucks and Baylor and Fixer Upper, we may just move back.  Juuuuuust kidding, Nashville is home.  But it does make me proud.

Some friends and family came to see us, which is always fun and appreciated.

Oliver's first time with Mr. Claus…es no bueño.  We knew it would happen, so we were prepared.  Bless.

After the Wonderland, we went to Poppa Rollos for the first time in forever.  It's our favorite pizza and we have missed it.  Also, it wasn't crowded because everyone was at the Baylor/Kansas State game.  Score!

We got back to my parents' house and got Oliver down before the game even started.  We watched the game on the TV and got to bed early.

Sunday, we rested up, went to Elliot's piano recital (that'll be in another post) and then headed to Gatesville, TX for our next Christmas show.

This was our first ever biker church and we are a fan.  Highway to Heaven Biker Church and everyone there were so sweet.  They fed us, loved us, blessed us, and passed around our boy while we played.  Truly an unforgettable night.

At one point, Trent said, "Sorry.  I don't have these Christmas songs memorized, so I have to arrange my papers."  Then an older biker, in head to toe leather, yelled out, "as long as they're not rolling papers, we're ok."

We cracked up and it's one of our favorite road stories.  Ever.

Pastor Van Horn got his Oliver fix =)

The sweet crowd!!!  Spirited and spirit filled would be an understatement.

We're in Arkansas now, so stay tuned!  Hope the season is treating you well!

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