Monday, December 8, 2014

Thanksgiving and other stuff…ing

See what I did there?  My apologies.

We left Nashville to make the trip to TX for Thanksgiving and stopped for a night to see my sister and her family.  Oliver LOVES all of Blake's toys.

Since we weren't going to see them for Christmas (which has changed now!!!), we exchanged gifts and this one was so excited!

Oliver's first time to open a gift.  He needed some help and was more interested in eating paper (babies are weird.) but it was still so cute and fun.

Bath toys!  Thank you, Blake!

Early morning play time...

We then headed to Salado.  This whole cousin thing is precious.

 Small *golfing* towns means you can drive the golf cart to the grocery store...

And to the cousin's house...

We fed Oliver his first Thanksgiving meal and he LOVED it.  Not much green, but hey!  'Tis the season =)

We put him down after he ate so we could eat with the adults.

It was a beautiful day and this boy LOVES the outside, especially when people are playing sports.  Or if any kind of ball is being used.

Grammie and the kids...

The other ladies.  We are vastly outnumbered.

Griffin photo bomb.

She liked my ear warmer...


Paads came outside for a quick pic.

First family Thanksgiving!  

The boys playing football.

Oliver was down so we got to love on these 4!

And now the other stuff…

Cousins in the leaves.  Why are leaves so fun?  I don't know.  But I remember playing in the leaves at my Nana's house and loving it.  

They could be brothers.

We went to Caleb's basketball game and is was so fun!  Caleb scored the first 5 points, which included a 3 pointer.  Which, I guess didn't need to be clarified.  Although there could've been some free throws to get the 5 point total.  I digress.

Sweet Griffin.

I've mentioned before how Oliver doesn't sit still.  Well, we figured out he will sit still at junior high basketball games.  He even clapped!  We may have a baller on our hands.

The 13-year-old.  Gasp.  Still can't get over it.

Salado has The Stroll in December and a parade to kick it off.  The kids were on a float so we went to watch.  

This was Trent just being funny.  He really wanted to be there =)

Nate and Paads.

Now you know where I get it:

My sister always looks so cute and my mother was clearly into a conversation =)

The kids are in there somewhere.

Yes.  He was trying to escape.  He's a wild man.  The ultrasound tech called it at 26 weeks.

So, anyway, that's what we've been up to.  Chasing a boy and eating food and seeing family.  We've played some music, too, but that's for another post!

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