Thursday, April 23, 2015

Meet Virginia (and Illinois)

After our last run, we came back home for a week then headed back to Virginia.  Williamsburg, to be exact.  We almost had to cancel because that lovely stomach virus Oliver had the previous week made its way into my bowels.  Not. Fun. 

We decided to rest up and leave a little later and all was fine.  I mean, I wasn't 100%, but I knew I could make it.   Since splitting of the drive is our new normal, Roanoke, VA is where we camped out for the night.  

Before checking out, Mister and I let Daddy sleep in and we went to breakfast.

And had this view.  That part of the country really is beautiful.  I could be a mountain mama, I think.  At least part of the year, then I'd need to be a beach bum.  (Hey dear husband…write a big hit song so we can have some property, k?) ;-)

We left and made it to Williamsburg.  Getting to the hotel in time to rest a bit and clean the road off is always nice.  But OF COURSE this one didn't nap.

So, we just left a little early to let him get a little nap in the car.  If I had a dime...

There was a sweet 13-year-old who watched Oliver in the nursery during sound check and the show and she was wonderful!

Where we hung out before the show, there was a dry eraser board that was calling my name and I'm a very cheesy person with limited art abilities.

 We had so much fun at Williamsburg Christian Church.  It had been too long since the last time we were there (2012) and was great to see some familiar faces!  And we powered through, despite still feeling icky.  The show must go on, as they say.

We came back home the next day and had a week to prepare for the next show in Belleville, IL at St. Matthew UMC.  We were there a few years back and have tried to get back since, but dates never aligned.  But they did this time =)

It was a short drive, so no need to stop along the way!  And this microphone from Wendy's brought some much needed entertainment.  

I can't even with this cuteness.

We were able to set up and sound check that night. (If you've been following for any amount of time, you know how much we love that.)  The church was getting ready for their Easter program.  They do it 3 days and have done so for over 20 years!  Quite the production.

I feel like Jesus is totally ok with a sweet boy playing soccer in the church.  Don't you?

Life of a road baby.  Everything on stage is a toy…including a cajon bag.  

After sound check, we went to dinner with a family and their 7-week-old grandson!  They were so sweet and so kind.  Truly enjoyed ourselves.

Oliver had a rough night and was up at 5:00, so that was fun.  At least the sunrise was beautiful! 

At church that morning, we played special music in 2 services and led worship/special music in the other service.  Everyone was very complimentary and that never gets old.  PLUS, when the older congregation in the early/traditional service get on board, that really means a lot.

Oliver was in the nursery all morning and did great.  If there are balls and little kids, he's golden.  Although, during the sermon, Trent and I heard what was clearly our boy's scream.  My pager didn't go off, so I went to check.  Yeah… he was screaming because his diaper was getting changed which meant he had to stop playing.  The ladies were understanding when I said something alongs these lines, "oops.  I forgot to tell you he's not a fan of diaper changes.  Ha!  Okthanksbye."

After church (and after a quick 30 minute Oliver nap), a family took us to eat BBQ.  When people find out we're from TX and TN, they're a little worried when they feed us BBQ.  But y'all, this was so good.  Beast, you have our love.  And the name is perfect.  Then that family gave us raw honey from their bees.  Fresh honey is a love language in my book, so I was jazzed.  We left and got a few zzz's at the hotel before going back up to the church for the show that night.

After the show at the merch table, an older lady, with tears in her eyes, thanked us for what we did.  Then I cried, of course, because her genuine appreciation was something you could not fake.  It got me.  

And the family that took us to dinner the night before gave us a gift and Oliver a stuffed dog.  He was over the moon.  

It was an awesome night!  We had so. much. fun.  All shows are fun, but some have a little more energy than others and these guys were a blast.  And some of the sweetest ever.  

So blessed to do this.    

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