Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Happy Election Day

This has nothing to do with today's election.  It has everything to do with our weekend on the road.  

However, please go VOTE!  It's our right, privilege, and honor as Americans.

*end of politics* 

We went to Illinois and Missouri and I decided to bring a new addition to the road.  And I quite enjoyed having it.  (I'm talking about the eye mask, not the pillow...if you were wondering).

Our first stop was Belleville, IL which is just outside of St. Louis, MO.  This LEGO display of Busch Stadium was in the hotel lobby.  Over 2800 legos used! 

If you follow me on instagram/fb/twitter, you saw my post of the LEGO Nativity that was also in the lobby.  IT. WAS. AMAZING.  Approximately 1 million legos used in 9 months of production.  Each piece was shipped to this location in their  own crate from Seattle.

Here's a closer look at Jesus, Mary and Joseph:

Now, listen.  I love contemporary church design as much as the next girl.  Bring on the smoke machine.  BUT, traditional churches remind me of my childhood and I love them.  St. Matthew UMC in Belleville is BEAUTIFUL, so I had to get a shot after soundcheck:

I think he was being silly at this particular moment.  Telling the legendary loop machine story.

Us with Matt Vollmar.  He leads worship at St. Matthews and was our contact for the show.  He also is the lead singer for The Great Romance.

We drove through St. Louis on the way to our next stop (Desloge, MO) just so I could take a picture of the arch.

Allow me to explain this picture...
On the road, we stay in hotels, guest housing, we've stayed in an RV before, and sometimes our own tent. But we've never encountered digs quite like the ones at Desloge FBC.  They have an apartment at the church!  In the building.  We were literally about 20 yards from where the show was!  It had everything we needed.  Just like a hotel.  Except they stocked it with yummy snacks!  Such a great idea.  More churches should do this, we decided.  Not just to house musicians, of course.  They use it for hosting missionaries, evangelists, and guests of other churches. 

The view of the venue before the show.  They have a walking track, too!  And a workout room.  (And awesome retro chairs that I seriously would like to have one day).

I liked the shadow.

After the show, posing for pictures.

We don't always have merch volunteers, but we did this time and they were awesome!  Meet Bekah and Miracle...our Merch Mavens!

And this is random, but this is the book we're reading.  When I say "we" it's because I'm Trent's book on tape.  We are loving this story!

Happy Election Day!  GO VOTE!!

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