Monday, October 5, 2015

Studio, haircuts, and "sky"

We were able to be home a lot in August which is always nice.  The month started out with us FINISHING OUR CHRISTMAS EP!!!  (It's available 11/2/15, so mark those calendars.)  It's never too early for Christmas music, right? 

We did have one show in Russellville, AL.  It's just down the road a bit and packing one back is both easy and weird.  We led worship and had an evening concert at Calvary Baptist.  

It was great!  Plus, Oliver had a BLAST in the nursery because their car selection was the largest we've seen.  At one point, the pastor's wife came to let me know he was still happy in the nursery and said he had about 25 cars lined up.  Ha!  He wasn't a fan when we had to leave.

We came home and got a little crafting done.  For about $5 or so.

We had another online concert and Oliver helped set up, as he does.  (These are the moments I don't want to forget.)

This big boy got a new back pack to take the diaper bag's place.  

He also got a haircut.  I mean, he needed to.  (We got one, too, but we're not near as cute.)  

We had an afternoon date consisting of pizza, thrifting, and cupcakes, thanks to our friends.

And Oliver discovered his daddy is strong and wonderful and a new game called "sky."

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