Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Oliver is 7 months!

Dear Oliver,

My goodness, big boy.  I don't know your stats, but I know you are changing and growing every day!  It is such a joy to experience.

This month was another BIG one.  You started eating solids.  You weren't sure about them at first; you got more on you than in your mouth.  (Of course, I texted Grammie and asked if that was normal.  She said yes.)  Now, you like real food a little better.  Some of your favorites have been banana with cinnamon, sweet potatoes, apples, carrots, and GUACAMOLE!  Makes this Texan heart proud.

The first time you tried peas, the look on your face was hilarious.  No bueno for you.  But I gave you some that were in what I was eating and you gobbled them up.  Seems you like seasoning.  And boy do you love your sippy cup!  It's more for the action of drinking, but you quite dig it.

You've really started crawling.  You go for our feet, cords, chairs, rugs, shoes, and pretty much anything other than your soft, safe toys.  Your daddy said, "we could put a bunch of toys out and a knife under hay and he'd find the knife."  Ha!  I think he's right.

You are so resilient!  You go with the flow on the road.  Sometimes, you're sleeping in a different room every night and although you may fuss a little, you handle it well.  Better than most adults, I'm sure.

You have officially made it to shopping carts and high chairs!  Can you believe it?!?

You've experienced your first 4th of July but didn't stay up late enough for the fireworks because your mama tends to be a sleep natzi at times.  Next year, I promise!

You have a big boy car seat and you've started to get a little more fussy in the car.  Rolling the window down seems to help.  Also, Baby Einstein on YouTube. 

You love the water and love swimming.  And being thrown by daddy.  You're a dare devil, aren't you?  Please be careful.

  When people say "hi" to you, sometimes you give them a bashful smile and tuck your head into our shoulders.  So cute.

On the day you turned 7 months, your Aunt Kimberly got married.  You were such a trooper that day!  That was also the day you experienced empty solo cups.  We now keep one in the car because you are fascinated by them.

You love your cousins and their toys…including swords!  You have started to flick your wrist a little.  It looks like you're waving, but the real waves will come later.  You've also started scrunching your nose when you smile!

You are into everything and it's just going to get more challenging with you, but we're up for it!  We've had a little backtrack in your sleeping but that's ok.  Sometimes when you wake up to nurse at night, I hold you a little longer because you and I won't always have that time together.  One day, you'll sleep through the night and when you're a teenager, you'll probably sleep too much.  So, for now I will cherish our moments even when I'm craving more sleep.

Happy 7 months, Oliver.  You are our favorite and we love you!

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  1. He is so stinking cute! Happy 7 months, Oliver!