Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I am referring to Atlanta.  Also known as, HOT-lanta.  I'm assuming because it gets hot there.   What if people said MY-lanta?  That'd be funny.  I digress...

We went there about a month ago and I am just now posting about it.

I'm sure y'all have been on pins and needles.


We actually got into town WITH NO TRAFFIC.  You read that correctly.  We did, however, hit a slight hold up.  Turns out, the hold up was a real hold up!  Yes.  We saw cops with guns drawn and ready.  Crazy times.  Then we proceeded to have to go to the nearest Firestone to get a new car battery.  Fabulous.

We went to Atlanta for the WFX Expo because All Pro Sound brought us in to play at their booth for two days and make their fancy equipment sound real fancy.  And it did.  Until the competition kept complaining that we were too loud and we had to turn it down.  I felt very "These amps go to 11."  But we handled it just fine and lovely.  

 I was thinking that all of my road blogs look the same.  And they most likely will continue to do so, but I thought I'd do ATL differently.  So, I'm doing a review of our hotel and food choices.

All Pro Sound put us up in the Omni.  We are not used to such red carpet treatment and some might could get used to that business.  I shall start my review with the hotel.

This was our view.  Amazing.

  • Nice, clean, many amenities (can we call them a-many-ties??), polite staff
  • Loved having a robe in the room (and feeling as though it was most likely clean)
  • Great view
  • Lots of pillows, which is great for Trent because he requires about 3-4 of them
  • Good food
  • Expensive food
  • You must tip for everything
  • Wireless is not free
  • You must tip for everything
  • You can only valet park and it's $30 a day
  • You must tip for everything
Loved our stay and extremely thankful that All Pro Sound generously provided the valet and room service.  And, while I could most definitely get used to room service and guava smoothies, I'm just a Holiday Inn Express, La Quinta, and Hampton Inn kinda girl.

Now for the important stuff.  FOOD.

Our first dining experience, courtesy of the All Pro Sound guys.
  • Fancy, but not too fancy
  • Perfectly cooked steak
  • The béarnaise mushrooms are like WHOA. Yummy.
  • Pretty expensive, for my standards. But pretty much worth it.

We were wanting something easy and within walking distance from the hotel.  And it was before I was off the poison gluten so it was a no-brainer.
  • cool environment
  • great pizza with that coal oven taste
  • LOBSTER MACARONI FRITTER. That's all that needs to be said. 
  • Affordable for sure

Hip Thai kind of sums it up.

  • EXCELLENT food  
  • They bring the rice in a separate bowl, so you can customize each bite.  Love that.
  • Very yummy pear martini.  Not too sweet and just the right amount of bitterness with some floral notes.  
  • the BEST Tom Ka Gai soup I've ever had

Latin food with a Cuban twist, or so they say.  We love Cuban food.  And, while it was good, we've definitely had better.
  • cute restaurant
  • lots of options
  • pork was good, chicken was bland. 
  • black beans tasted like they were right out of a can
  • Again, good, but we were hoping for more =)

All in all a wonderful time in Atlanta.  This weekend we're going to see Trent's sister in Athens...which I've never been to.  Excited!

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