Monday, February 8, 2016

A Monk Family Christmas

After our Christmas tour, we were able to be home for the whole week of Christmas.  It was great!!!  We ate, shopped a little, rested, and rested some more.  The only bad thing was the weather.  It was crazy warm, which is nice but we kind of wanted a little chill in the air for the holidays.  Oh well...

Oliver threw up on Christmas Eve, right before bed.  Not sure what caused it.  I think I let him have too much sugar that day and he was a little worked up.  Who knows?  That meant I was glued to the monitor all night just in case it happened again, which it didn't.  Thank the Lord. 

Our little set up .  It's a Wonderful Life was on which is basically a must.  And if you've never seen it, I'm not sure we can be friends.

Daddy was putting batteries in all of the trains.  (My mom said, and I agree, that parents should ask for batteries for Christmas.)

He also put together the track.  So fun.  

I loaded stockings.  (Note:  those pants really don't fit anymore.  Ha!)

I caught Santa.  

 Oliver woke up crying at 5:30 AM and had a little fever.  He didn't go back to sleep, so Christmas started early!

He loved the track and all the trains he got.  (Now he thinks any present has a Thomas train in it.)

Coffee mug for the day.  Duh.

Our pj pants we've worn since 2009 and Oliver playing in the background.  Those trains ran all day long, I think.  I went to sleep hearing motorized toys.  

A train tent from Honey Lue!  

All aboard!

After a nap and more rest, he started feeling better.  Being sick on Christmas is the worst!  

The best we could do...

Uncle Travis and Aunt Amy sent Oliver a Harley coat.  The day we got it in the mail, it was over 70 degrees, so he didn't wear it long, but has since!

We enjoyed our time off so very much.  And now, we are totally fine with the 70 degree weather.  Come on, Spring!

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