Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Say what?

Kids say the cutest things.  I feel like as parents, we think we'll always remember certain things, but the fact is, we won't.  I should've done this already and more often.  Make a list of how Oliver says things.  He's already started saying words he used to mispronounce correctly and it makes me sad!  Ha.  I'm sure I've forgotten some things, but at least I have this list =)  

Anyway, enjoy a toddler's vocabulary...

*he hijacked Amelia's lovie*

Dandaid - bandaid

Cranbabies, strawbabies, and beetabies - cranberries, strawberries, blueberries/blackberries

Manamana - banana

Ayaya - avocado

I'm ok - he will say this in a hilarious voice after he fakes a fall.  Such a comedian.

Hahaha funny, funny - He will say this after we've scolded him for something, like throwing or saying "no."  Almost like he's trying to say, "Guys!  I was just kidding when I threw the leggo.  Isn't it so funny?"

Messit Chri-mas - Merry Christmas

Boy - what he calls himself.  "Boy do it?"  "Boy try?" I think it's because we call him sweet boy.

He makes himself laugh!

Meena - Amelia =)

Table - play-doh

Noonle - noodle

Yank Un - Thank You

Yea Man - Yes ma'am

Da - paci (yes, we still use a paci.  Just for sleep.)

Dabada go? - "Where'd my paci go?"

Bankin - blanket

WhyWhy Queen - Lightening McQueen

Fingen - finger

He'll say things to his toys that I often say to him - "Chew good," "be careful," "wait a minute," "I said no," and "time-out."  (Those last three make me sad!)

He's started having song requests at nap/bed time - Jesus (Jesus Loves Me), Noah (The Lord said to Noah there's gonna be a floody floody...), Rockababy, Head Shoulders (knees and toes), and sometimes requests a made up song about Cranky the Crane on Thomas and Friends or Monkey.

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