Thursday, May 26, 2016

Ride the Rails

The day before I went into labor, we took Oliver to the Tennessee Central Railway Museum.  It was free (praise hands!) and the attendees could see trains, toys, collectibles, and all things railway.  I was sold.

These trains are still used! They didn't go out on this particular day, though.  We just got to go inside and take a look. In September, Thomas and Friends comes to town at this location.  One employee said it's a madhouse and he's already dreading it.  Haha!  

This one had a sitting area above the train and it was all windows!  So cool.  And of course, I put O in a Thomas the Train shirt.  Duh.

The museum was small and a bit over Oliver's head, but still neat.

This was a great set-up!  Oliver was amazed.  Also, it was so cute to see all the old men with their trains.  I had a vision of Oliver maybe doing that one day.  Ha!

 It was a chilly day but a fun one.  And little did we less than 48 hours, we'd meet our little girl.

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