Thursday, June 2, 2016

Oliver and the Paci Fairy

Oliver loves his 'da.'  That is the name he affectionately gave his pacis.  He took to it as a baby and I kept it going.  They have helped get him to sleep and stay asleep.  They have helped him calm down. They have also shaped his teeth.  And I had no intention of taking it away.  I figured, "hey!  He won't get married with it!"  

Then, Memorial Day morning, we drastically decided to get it done.  We were upstairs and I told Trent, "I don't know which to do first...paci or potty."  In typical Trent form, he responded with a, "Let's just do the paci today.  Get it done." 


We can do this, right?  We can do hard things.  How bad can it be??

Enter the paci fairy. 

A quick google search provided many fairies but I chose her.  Oliver was instantly interested in leaving his das for the fairy so she could take them to babies in need.  What really got him was the promise of a new toy she'd leave him.  

We talked it up all morning.  He was on board!!!  This will be so easy!!!

Nap time came around and he willingly put them in a bag.
 (Excuse the sheets from the 80s...I was washing his strep infested sheets.)

He willingly walked to the porch to leave them.  

He was so excited!!!  This will be easy!!!

Mommy and Daddy cried at this point.  A visible sign of a growing boy.  I'm getting teary typing.  Ugh.

Then came time for me to put him down for nap and oh my word.  SO HARD to see his tears and hear his pleas for his da.  "Mommy, I can't have my das anymore!"  "Mommy!!  I need my das.  I need them."  He was even telling his stuffed animals about his pain.  I cried with him.  I calmly explained and reminded him about the fairy and how he'll get a new toy for being such a big boy!

I had to go back up with him and sing until he was asleep.  He woke up after only an hour (he normally sleeps for 2-3 hours) and was very sad and fussy.  We walked him to the porch to see what the fairy brought: 

That night was way better and each sleep time gets easier and easier.  He's still sleeping through the night and not screaming.  Falling asleep seems to be a little more difficult for him, but he's doing it!  We're on day 4 and I'm so impressed and proud of him.  He still asks about his beloved das.  Like a, "hmmm...where my das go?"  It's sweet and sad all in one.  Just like parenting in general.  His mouth seems to have already taken on a more big boy look and it's crazy.  

He's always been an adaptable little one, probably due to our lifestyle.  I'm so thankful for that.  I'm also so thankful for Trent.  Without him, I'd be a smother and not a mother.  I'd have major problems being able to pull the trigger on all things growing up.  

Also, just a tip, don't blog about a growing child while listening to sentimental music.  Not smart, mamas.  Not smart.  

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