Wednesday, March 2, 2016

2015 Christmas Tour, Part I: TEXAS

As you probably know, last year, we released our first Christmas EP, A Very We Are The Monks Christmas.  This was our third Christmas tour, but our first time to have any "product" to offer, which we were excited about.

Since we were in Amarillo for Thanksgiving,  we decided to kick off the tour there.   Our first thing was performing a couple songs live on Studio 4, KAMR.  We always have a blast there and this time, Oliver stayed back with GiGi and PawPaw.

Trent's parents offered to host the actual "kick-off" of the tour in their home.  They sent out invites, evites, and emails.  We decorated their house full of Christmas cheer.  We rearranged furniture to make room for the 50+ people who were coming.  Snacks were planned.  THEN, a major ice storm came, so we called it off.  It was for the best, but a bummer none the less.  HOWEVER, one couple showed up!  Ha!  So, we played a short set for them and the family and I didn't have to get out of my maternity leggings and sweatshirt.  

The next night, we played at FBC Amarillo and I just LOVE their sanctuary.  It's beautiful and the sound is amazing.  It was good to see some familiar faces and get the first real show under our belts.  

We left Amarillo and made our way to Salado to see my family.  We got to town, got unpacked, and took Oliver over to my sister's house to spend the night so she could watch him the next day while we went to Dallas.  

It made for an early morning (like waking up at 4:30 AM early), but we headed up I-35 for Good Day Dallas to record some Christmas songs for them to air.  Again, another great stop and everyone is so friendly!  Plus, it was like a date day for us =) 

The rest of the week was spent with family and opening gifts.  Then, we did a home show in Sugar Land.  The host graciously bought a CD for everyone who came which was a huge blessing.  We had a great time playing in the intimate setting and...BONUS...they had some incredible food.  Oliver was kept at the church nearby with our friends' kids and he had SO. MUCH. FUN.  

We left Sugar Land, after an already late show, and made our way to Mansfield.  Looooooooong night.  We got to the hotel at 1:00 AM, I think, and had to get up early for soundcheck the next morning.  Small prices to pay to get to do what you a family.

We did a morning concert for the sweet folks at Community of Hope UMC.  We were there in October 2014, so it was nice to reconnect with the pastors and congregation.    

We left right after church and headed to Gatesville.  We stopped on the way and met up with my mom so she could get Oliver and take him back to Salado while we continued on.  We. Were. Exhausted.  We got to the church parking lot and fell asleep waiting for someone to get there.  

Our Christmas tour in 2014 was our first time at Highway to Heaven Biker Church and we vowed, if possible, to always make a stop with them!

They are the most genuine, Jesus loving group of bikers ever.  And they get into music.  They clap, sing, have fun, holler.  You name it.  And it makes our job easy and fun.  

After the show, we packed up and got to Salado and crashed hard.   It had been a very long and tiring weekend.  A weekend full of blessings, yes.  Make no mistake about that.  It was a tad draining, but it got us in our groove for the rest of the tour...

Stay tuned for Arkansas! 

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