Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Baby Shower

Greetings from Oxford, MS!

Last weekend when we were in Waco, some fabulous ladies threw me a shower at a cute place called The Mix.  It was so much fun and I loved seeing friends and family that I hadn't seen in a while.

My mom's friend made the cake balls (or are they cake pops?) and they were so cute!  And yummy, too.

The party favors were bags of delicious popcorn (from Off the Cob in Waco) with some blue wrapped Hershey Kisses and a sticker that said "Shellie's About to Pop!"  Thanks for the labels, Carrie!

We played a game and I laughed so hard I cried.  Read about it here because I'm too lazy to type it out.

Tammy made note cards to look like feet.  Hello, creative!

(There were lots of poop themed questions.  Which I'm always a fan of.  Poop is funny.) 

We chose to have a gift card shower.  Trent and I weren't going to have room in our car for a lot of gifts AND since we'll be in our tiny cozy 1B/1B apartment (stay tuned for how our set-up will look), we won't have room for a lot of baby stuff anyway.  Just the essentials.  So, gift cards were the perfect remedy.  And people loved it!  So easy.  Oliver did get some little things, though, and I love them all!

Elliot was a big help with opening gifts!  

I opened my mom's last.  And here it is.

A hanky turned bonnet given to her for me when I was born.  Here's the poem she put with it:

I'm just a little hanky
As square as square can be
But with a stitch or two
They made a bonnet out of me.
I'll be worn from the hospital
Or on Christening Day.
Then I'll be carefully pressed 
And neatly put away.

Then to find little me
With a few stitches snipped
A wedding hanky I"ll be.

But if perchance, it is a BOY
Someday he'll surely wed.
So to his bride
He can present this hanky 
Once worn upon his head.

The ugly cry happened.  

Julie emailed Trent some questions about us being parents and what-not and she read his answers.  He did a great job!  And there was more tears.

Trent's parents surprised us and drove down from Amarillo so Ginny could come to the shower.  It meant a lot to us.  While we were doing the girly thing, Trent took his dad to George's.  Because you can't come to Waco and NOT go to George's.

And Miss E found a cake she liked.  It was pink with flowers.  Totally her.

Nana!  Doesn't she look fantastic?  
This was after she told the owner that she "has a very nice family.  None are in the pen."  Haha!  We cracked up.

I felt the love that day.  And I am beyond thankful.  

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