Thursday, June 12, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Father's Day Edition

A Father's Day Throwback Thursday.  A letter to my husband.

Exactly 25 weeks ago, you became a dad and you are a natural.  While we were dating and early in our marriage, I thought about what kind of dad you'd be.  I knew you'd be wonderful, but you, my love, have surpassed my wildest dreams. 

From day 1, you were present.  Not just in the room, but really there.  During those exhausting newborn days, you would get up with me for every feeding.  You'd help change diapers, get me the boppy, rub my back, wipe my tears.  You'd say, "I wish I could feed him for you."  And I'd try to tell you to go to sleep so at least one of us was rested.  You didn't listen to me.

And now during the today times of figuring out sleep training and when do we give solids and does he have an earache and is that a tooth, you are that strong, reassuring voice that I need.  You keep me calm and in check.  Your patience with our son (and me) is remarkable and the way you work so hard for us is appreciated more than you can possibly know.  

You've always spoiled me, but with the arrival of Oliver, you've somehow kicked it up a notch.  I did not think that was possible.  You make our meals and you make them well.  Then you insist I rest while you do the dishes.  (Clearly, I win.)

I cannot imagine how other moms do it.  Take care of cleaning, kids, meals, groceries, etc.  I feel so inadequate sometimes.  But there you are and there you will always be…telling me that I'm doing an amazing job.  That I am a wonderful mother.

You have grabbed ahold of fatherhood with every ounce of you and it is a beautiful thing to see.  The way you look at Oliver and the way you love him makes my heart smile a million smiles.  He is your little buddy and I can't wait to see the relationship grow.

I can rest assured knowing my son will grow up and know how to treat his wife, he will know how to treat others, and he will know the Lord.  It is a joy to have you lead this family and lead our little boy.  

Oliver is blessed to have you as a daddy and I'm blessed to call you my husband.  He will become the best of men because he will have you to look up to.  (And he'll know how to cook!)

You love fiercely, you give freely, and you are so fun.  Mister Man is the luckiest boy in the world!

Happy Father's Day!  You are amazing and we love you so very much!

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  1. What a sweet family you have. My daughter also has a new little one, and her husband sounds much like yours… a blessing. Thanks for sharing! God bless you as you celebrate the special fathers in your life.

  2. Oh my gosh the photos that you took of your husband and son are so precious. Thank you for sharing this post it made me smile. :)

    Mary from NH