Wednesday, April 18, 2012

...Arkansas and Missouri...

Whoa.  It seems like forever since I've posted.  We've been in full on family mode and I'm a bit behind.  Anywho...we had some shows in Arkansas and Missouri.

It was our first trip with the new plates.  It only took a year to change them.  Maybe one day we'll change our licenses.
43 Assembly of God in Van Buren, AR
It was my first night on cajon.  I hit the mic with the shaker and tripped when I stepped on stage.  You know...typical embarrassing stuff.
Radio interview at Spirit 106.3 FM/KZKZ in Fort Smith, AR
We always find a way to go to Frank's.  Fabulous Italian food in Van Buren, AR.  Seriously.  The olive oil you dip your bread in will make you slap your mama. 
We got to shoot guns. Big guns. Loud guns. Somewhat scary guns. Trent did pretty well.
I, on the other hand, was nervous.  I had a casing fly on my arm that burned me.   And I would've only slightly wounded my assailant.  
Kibler Baptist Church in Alma, AR.  SWEET people.  I even got to autograph a cd or two (which is random, and hilarious, and sweet all at the same time).  When Trent first started the show, the pastor's son leaned over and asked his mom, "Is that Jesus?"  The mom replied, "No. He just sings about Jesus." 
Isn't that adorable?

Prayer time before the show.  Well, this was just before our prayer time, but you understand.  
Evangel Temple in Fort Smith, AR
There were major sound issues on this particular morning. Trent started playing and the guitar made an awful, loud buzzing sound.  The sound people immediately began rushing to fix it.  It kept happening.  I felt so bad for him!  But, he kept on going, singing a cappella while the south technicians resolved the problem.  Trent finally finished and the congregation gave him a standing ovation.  Trent said "Wow! That's the first standing ovation I've gotten from technical difficulties."  It was such a joy to watch him handle a very frustrating situation with grace and humility.   
Rena Christian Church in Van Buren, AR
Matt Turner snuck a picture of us.  I'm glad he did!
The owner of Cardio Studio always lets us come workout when we're in town.  So, we did before heading to Missouri.  Check out our gym bags.  That's right, folks.  Grocery bags.  
Chuck, our 2005 Honda Pilot/Tour Bus, hit 200,000 miles in Missouri.  We've already put over 2,000 more on him.  (And please disregard all that dust and hair.  Thank you).
Amy Sampson, Kristy, Bob and Deb Berger.  They live in Monett, MO and have become dear friends of ours.  Love them.  We had a night off and Amy offered us a place to stay.   
Trent had an interview with Rod Kittleman at 99 Hit FM/KADI in Springfield, MO.  We always have fun on the air with Rod.  But, he always makes me get in on the action.  I am not a fan of being on the radio.  Trent is great at it.  However, I never know what to say.  For example, this particular morning...I mentioned my monkey toes.  Classy.
St. Peter UMC in Blue Springs, MO.  Rev. Jeff Long and his wife, Susan, always have us stay at their house and they are some of the sweetest people ever!  I forgot to get a picture.  Next time...
I made a friend in Blue Springs.  His name was Brock and he was precious.  He colored me a picture.  Then colored more.  Then stapled them together and said it was a book.  Then made me a bookmark and followed me to the ladies' room to give it to me.  Brock also asked me, "Are you Mr. Monk's mommy?" 

We went to Amarillo after Missouri and it was great to come to TEXAS!!!  We are still here and are loving our family time.  Stay tuned...

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