Monday, April 2, 2012

Faith Like a Child

We were in a Fort Smith, AR church yesterday for Trent to perform. It was a typical day.  We show up, Trent does sound check, we meet people and figure out where I'll set up merch.  While we were waiting for the service to start, we sat down behind some folks and commenced to the usual church small talk.  They had a little girl with them and she was just adorable!  She must have been about 4 years old.  Long, dark hair with a pretty bow and beautiful olive skin.  And big, brown eyes that seemed to stare right through you.  

She was bashful when we waved and smiled at her.  But, a few minutes later she reached back and handed Trent an envelope.  Her mother, laughing, said "I have no idea why she wants to give this to you."  You see, it was empty.  Still, it was sweet for her to warm up enough to give a stranger something, even if it was an empty envelope.

The service began with announcements of that day's luncheon, next week's Easter egg hunt, and a celebration for a member's 100th birthday.  Shortly after, it was time for the offering.  As the usher came to her row, she joyfully stood up and dumped a handful of change in the velvet bag.  It was hard not to notice her pride.  Then, she proceeded to unzip her tiny pink purse and dump out ALL of her change. It made us smile and get a tad weepy.  I tapped her mother's shoulder and said, "that was precious."  She agreed.

Just wait.  There's more.

On this Palm Sunday, the church performed an Easter Drama.  I'm sure you've all seen one before.  This child soaked it up with such interest.  Still, quiet, enamored.  It was as if she was watching her favorite movie or cartoon.  Then came the time in the drama where they marched Jesus to his death.  She watched.  Hands went to her face.  Almost a look of shock.  She cried and cried and cried during the mock crucifixion.  It was moving, emotional, and powerful.  Her mother picked her up and rocked her and I can only imagine what was said. We were told after church, that the little girl recited the Lord's Prayer when the service was over. 

It was such a blessing to witness, first hand, childlike faith.  The kind where you don't question the offering plate and dump it all in, happily.  The kind where you see a typical Easter drama and are moved to tears.  It was sweet, it was convicting, and I cried too.

Well done little girl with the pink bow and matching purse.  I will always remember you and will pray for your walk with God to remain strong and unwavering.

And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven." 
Matthew 18:3

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