Monday, April 23, 2012

Melrose Place

I'm not referring to that show from the 90's.  I'm talking about Melrose, NM.

Trent's grandparents, Mama Pat and Papa Tuck, live there.  While we were in Amarillo, we drove the couple hours to spend time with them.  We can sit and visit for hours and we always do.  Tuck and Pat have an amazing story.  Same birthday, married at 17 (they're celebrating 60 years this July), grandparents by 40, and all sorts of adventures in between.  Plus, they are the Mayor and First Lady of Melrose!

We arrived on April 10th and Mama Pat showed me something she had just written.  I read it.  I was moved to tears and so was Trent:

Thoughts going back today to many years ago. A young couple, not quite 6 years into their marriage, with a sweet little 4 year old boy. Expecting a new baby with some anxiety, as two years earlier, their second son, born too early, had gone to be with Jesus. Their little girl also came too early and within a few hours was with Jesus. Devastation…and yes, depression, but little did they know the plans their Heavenly Father had for them! (Jeremiah 29:11). They were blessed with another son and also got to have 3 nephews live with them for 5 ½ years. Now, 54 years later, they have 2 wonderful sons and their wives, 5 beautiful grandchildren and a precious granddaughter-in-law and 2 great-grands! Happy 54th birthday, Tiny Tammy Monk. Give your brother a big hug for us. We love you, Mom and Dad.

I could not believe we came on Tammy's birthday.  Trent and I got to hear stories of both her, and her brother's birth.  What a special moment we were able to have together and what a powerful testimony they have.  I immediately asked if I could share the story for others to read and she agreed. 
Trent soaking up some wisdom...

A game of 10,000 usually happens on a visit.  It is an AWESOME dice game and a Monk staple.  If you'd like to know how to play (which you should) I'll teach you.  Now, look at Mama Pat's face.  She gets so excited during 10,000 and it warms our hearts.

Their first grandchild.  Trenton Tuck and Tuck Noble.

The ladies.  Right after some yummy Mama Pat pancakes.  Maybe we should call them Mama Pat-cakes...we'll see.

We only stayed one night with Mama Pat and Papa Tuck.  Trent had a show the next night in Amarillo, so we had to move along.  Can't wait to do it again.

We Love You!

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