Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pre-Wedding Festivities

For those of you who don't know, our family is growing.  Trent's brother, Travis, is getting hitched to Amy on June 9th.  That's this Saturday!  Last weekend, the boys took a weekend bachelor fishing trip to Eagle Nest, NM and we had girl time.  Complete with a lingerie shower, pedicures, and church.  It was wonderful.

The weekend started with going to a local greenhouse to pick out wedding flowers.

Papa Tuck, Mama Pat and her sister, Mary Helen stopped by for a bit.  It was so great to finally meet Aunt Tutu!  I wish I had a cool aunt name.  Caleb used to say "Tatee" but it didn't stick.  Bummer.

Time for Amy's lingerie/bachelorette/girls' night in.  I won't reveal my secrets, but I managed to embarrass Amy just a bit.  We all laughed and had a great time.

The food table: pink cupcakes, green chile crab dip, fruit and veggies with different dip, and assorted girly decorations.

Look at the stand-up napkins.  Adorable!

Amy with her obnoxious bridal accessories.  Love it.

Kimberly and I decided to strike a pose.

Lue Anne and Kimberly

Amy with Meagan and Anna.  Friends for 15 years!

Good times.

Let me explain.  I am tall.  Anna is not as tall.  We both had on heels.  Anna took hers off.  This is what resulted. 

Time for pedicures!

Ginny got french, I got purple glitter, and Amy got blue (for her something blue).

On Sunday, Ginny took her father, Bill, to mass.  Here, she was reading to us something that the priest had written.  It was beautiful and I'll have to get a copy and post on the ol' blog so y'all can read it.

This was after Bill had asked me to explain to him "what exactly a facebook is."

Our guys made it home, with 150 fish in tow.  This is how the happy couple reunited.  Check out their shirts!  I still think they planned it ;-)

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