Wednesday, May 30, 2012

: : Memorial Day Weekend : :

'Twas an excellent Memorial Day weekend, indeed.  

We were able to hang out with my side of the family for the holiday weekend.  Complete with plenty of swimming and grilling.  It was wonderful.

Saturday, we went swimming at The Lakes swimming pool.  Whenever I go, I am taken back to my childhood.  To the days where I practically lived up there.  The Barlow clan couldn't come, but the Selfs made it.

This is classic Noah

And this is classic Elliot

I just love her missing tooth.  So cute.

Caleb is so big!  

Griffin focused on lunch

And this is what exhaustion looks like

This pretty much sums it up

After swimming, we had a cookout at my parents' house.  Nana joined us and so did our great aunt and uncle, Barb and John.

E chilling with Barb and Nana

Noah wanted to help Trent cook.  Adorable.

Julie, Nathan and Caleb practicing up for the family t-ball game.  (Which ended up with Elliot batting whenever she wanted. Ha! The game lasted 2 innings).

Dinner time!

Memorial Day in Austin, TX

We let mommy sleep in.  So, we enjoyed some cartoons.  Probably longer than he's supposed to enjoy them. Oops.

Love this pose on his trampoline

Pancakes and Curious George

Blake is FEARLESS in the water and he loves to "big jump" to daddy.

Cousins helping Blake glide

Uncle and daddy daycare 

This is the man I love.  Stretching it out in the pool!  

Elliot searching for pool snacks.  (Don't you just love pool snacks?  I remember my sisters and I sitting outside after swimming and eating Chips Ahoy.  Memories...)

Loving Caleb's shaggy hair

More swimming for Noah

Blake getting ready to jump

Elliot's turn!


We had an awesome time with family over the Memorial Day weekend.  And the fact we got to spend time with a few Veterans was a bonus.

CPT Nathan Self, U.S. Army

Maj John Wilson, U.S. Air Force

William Canuteson, U.S. Marines
(my mother's father, with us in spirit)


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