Friday, July 6, 2012

Ah, yes... Florida

We love Florida.  We are beach bums and are lucky to do something in life that allows us to go there several times a year.  

On our way out of town, we HAD to stop at the Wal-Mart to get season 2 of Friday Night Lights.  We are late to this, but are oh so happy we jumped on board.  I highly recommend this series.  (We are now on season 3).  

On the road, Trent had a phone-in interview with Spirit FM in Tampa.  He's a multi-tasker.

We drove 9 hours to the Jacksonville area to stay with our dear friends, the Lamoureuxs.  I unfortunately didn't capture any pictures of our fun visit.  However, I can tell you we ate Mexican food and watched this video.  Please watch it.  It's hilarious and disturbing. 

The first show was at Smileys on the Indian Rocks Baptist Church campus in Largo, FL.  Music and improv.  Fun times!

On to Tampa...
Tropical Storm Debby graces us with her presence.  This picture doesn't quite do her justice.  It was CRAZY to watch her roll in.  

Trent led worship at Hyde Park Presbyterian and it was the first time for me to play the cajon during worship.  It was a good first time for me because there wasn't a whole lot of people who showed up, on account of Debby.

One of the members of Hyde Park (a 100 year old woman) had something to say about people not coming to church during a storm:

"These Christians who don't think they're waterproof, sure better hope they're fireproof."

We thought it was funny...

We took in some local eateries.  This face is directed to my hair situation.  I don't even know why I bother while in Florida.  During a storm, at that.  

I felt like I was living this scene from Friends.

Work at Sprit FM.  They had Trent do some "liners."  That's those things you hear on the radio that say stuff like, "Hey, this is Trent Monk and you're listening to Sprit FM."  Etc...
I did manage to embarrass myself.  I won't bore you with details.  Let's just say that I showed my hair color in a mighty way.

Too rainy outside for a jog?  No fear.  We're covered.  
The jump rope broke and we were forced to run stairs instead.  Oh joy.  During the running of the stairs, we may or may not have been chanting, "Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose." 

Back to Largo, FL to stay with the Dawkins.  They are always such gracious hosts!

Gracious hosts that give us almonds.

And sweet notes of encouragement when we leave.  Love them.

We made friends with Peanut.  The only man of the house.  Maybe that's why he bonded with Trent.

We had some days off.  That means BEACH!!!

Dinner with the Dawkins at The Columbia.  Yum. Authentic Cuban with a view.  

Lunch with the Beswethericks.  This is Alexis and Micah, the two youngest. 

Sound check at Indian Rocks.  Trent led worship for their HD service.  

Here's a picture someone posted on Trent's Facebook.  Look closely.  There I am on stage!  I was so nervous to be in front of such a big congregation.  The only things I have to compare it to, would be teeing off on the first hole and speaking at the sports banquet when I coached.

Special music during their traditional service.  Trent was solo on this one.

Worship back at Smileys for their Young Adult group.

Rob, Elyssa and Ethan Beswetherick.   

Time to go.  We had a fabulous time in the Tampa area. Work and plenty of relaxation, too.
We did stay in Florida, though.  

Fernandina Beach.

To see family.

Stay tuned!

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