Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Caribbean Cooking Class

I'm not a huge fan of cooking.  (I think that's due to so many failures).  I'll do eggs and such, but that's pretty much it.  However, when I was asked if I wanted to learn how to cook an authentic Caribbean meal with some friends, I said SURE!

Novella is from Trinidad and was willing to teach us at her home.  And thanks to Christy for organizing it and to Gaylene for introducing us to Novella.  

The menu:

We got to wear aprons.  Of course I picked the blue one =)

A few of the yummy ingredients:
Beautiful tomatoes from the local farmers market.

These little guys are like potatoes.  Except they have a creamier texture.

Novella said that this Calypso Sauce is like the Caribbean tabasco.  They put it on everything.  Made from scotch bonnet peppers, so a little goes a long way.

Teaching us the art of the macaroni pie.  

Now for the chicken.  

Macaroni pie (macaroni, onions, cheese, coconut milk and so on...) 
Tomato and cucumber salad
Starchy veggies (sweet potatoes, plantains, eddoes w/ the sauce from the chicken)
Stewed chicken (holy yum town.  Marinated in coconut milk, cinnamon, garlic, tomatoes, onion, cumin, ginger, etc, etc, etc...)

TWO desserts!
Mango sorbet

Vanilla ice cream w/ fried plantains and molasses

We had a great time!

(Plus, I learned how to cook a meal for Trent).

(I'm hopeful it will turn out just as good).

(We'll see).

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