Thursday, August 2, 2012

Ohio Weekend

One of the main reasons we moved to Nashville was the fact that it's so darn close to everything.  Like, Ohio.  Among other states, of course. 

So, when one of Trent's friends (from years ago when they were in youth ministry together in Amarillo) asked him to sing in their wedding, it was easy to say yes.  And naturally, we booked a show while we were up there...

Here we are, standing in Kentucky, but looking at the Cincinnati sky line.  

Allow me to explain... Trent's friend, Brian (the groom, the middle guy) has a dance game with XBOX connect.  I forget what it's called, but you have to follow the movements on the screen and somehow the connect thingy can tell what you're doing and it keeps score and there's a winner.  After us ladies finished our song and dance to Dynamite, we convinced the guys to partake in the best game ever invented.  Their routine was to Take On Me.  (I'd be lying if I said I didn't video the performance.)

The next day, we decided to take in some of the local attractions.  We went to Findlay Market and loved it.  They have tons of different vendors, restaurants, butchers, and bakeries.  Plus some fresh produce.  We sampled potato salad and it was quite delicious.  (But, now that I look back at all the things offered, it's probably the most random sample choice).
Fresh mozzarella.  I told him to be cheesy.  *Ba dum bum*
Cincinnati Music Hall
Fish and Chips at Claddagh Irish Pub at The Levee in Newport, KY.  (This was before the fish and chips arrived and I set my phone camera on a timer while it was propped up against salt and pepper shakers.  Hence the table focus).

Skyline Chili is somewhat of an institution in the Cincinnati area.  I had never tried it and Trent had been craving it since this Ohio trip was planned.  Because most of our days on the road revolve around eating, we went.  It's different and not Texas chili.  It has cinnamon in it.  And it's served on noodles.  I enjoyed it, but, at the end of the day, I like Texas chili better.  (Please notice Trent's face in the picture below.  I wanted to document our experience and he was hungry.  That's why he has a grumpy goose face).  Bless our hearts.  We both get cranky when we need food.

We got checked into our hotel and got ready for the wedding between Emily and Brian.  I just loved how Emily looked.  Very Grecian and very classy.  And she wore flip flops!  Love.  And it doesn't hurt that her dad looks exactly like Barry Weiss from Storage Wars.  Seriously.
Trent sang his song "Move In Closer" during the ceremony.
And Jason Mraz's "I Won't Give Up" for the first dance.

The wedding and reception was beautiful.  These were my favorites:
Instead of a guest book, they had people stamp their fingerprints on a tree.  Instead of a unity candle, Brian, Emily, and Brian's son, poured paint on a canvas.  Then, on the back of the programs (which doubled as fans) they had a bride/groom crossword puzzle.  Hello, clever.  My name is Shellie.  Let's be friends.


Trent had a show at Nexus Café and Coffeehouse.  

This was my first show to be up with Trent the whole time.  So, I captured a shot.  I really like it!  I'd like to think it's very artsy.

From L: Trent, me, Isaiah, Maurice and Mickey.  Isaiah and Maurice were the promoters and super cool guys.  Mickey is the owner and amazing chef of Nexus Café.  If you're ever in Cleveland, go there and buys lots of coffee and food =)

After the show, we checked out downtown.  This is 4th Street.  Great area.  Which, for us, means lots of restaurant choices.  We ended up just walking around.  They had "Go Fourth" painted all big and pretty like on the side of a brick building.  Get it?  Go Fourth (like the number but also like Go Forth). It's just about the most clever thing ever, next to a fan/crossword puzzle/ program at a wedding.

I had never been to Ohio, so now my bucket list is shorter.  Hallelujah.  But, the weird thing is, these are the souvenirs I came home with: magnets from Texas and Tennessee, made in China, from a truck stop in Kentucky.  Go figure.

Good-bye-o, O-hi-o!

(That is a stretch but I just had to go for it).

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