Tuesday, August 27, 2013

70 and Sensational

My mom decided to throw my dad a surprise 70th birthday party.  She did a fabulous job, considering my dad kept throwing her curve balls!  We planned our schedule accordingly to make sure we'd be there.  I love surprises!  My dad?  Not a huge fan.  Which made it even more fun.

A little back story...  we decided on August 17th for the party.  It was a day we could be there and, being 10 days prior to his actual birthday, he wouldn't suspect it.  Win-Win.  On the day my mom was planning on mailing the adorable invitations that were already in envelopes and addressed, my father told her he had to be in Austin the weekend of the 17th and 18th.  And that's when we started freaking out.  Long story short, we changed the party to Sunday (the 18th) and my mom, bless her heart, had to open the envelopes and change the date on the invites.  Not ideal, but it was what had to happen.  By doing this though, that meant my older sister couldn't make it.  (We missed you Carrie!) 

Also, my mom ended up having to go retrieve daddy from the golf course.  That way he wouldn't be late to his own party that he didn't know was happening.  Bless her heart.  It all ended up going very well, despite all the hiccups.  And everyone had fun even though the air was messing up.  In August.  In Texas.    

The birthday boy.  

The cake.  Paads Shoots 70.  Get it?

The Paads memorabilia.

The surprise!

Sweet Noah hugging on Paads.

Blurry, but I love it.  My dad saying she shouldn't have.  And my mom saying gotcha!  Adorable.


Elliot made several crafts for Paads.  She told him he couldn't throw them away.  Ha! 

Lots of belly touching from hubs and sis.

It was so fun to see old friends and family.  And I know daddy was moved (as we all were) that they came to wish him a happy day and celebrate with him.

Happy Birthday Paads!  We love you and 70 looks good on ya!

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