Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Five Year Plan

Today I was reading a post over at Team Studer where she listed things to tell herself, 5 years ago.  I LOVED this idea.  And, since we've been home and not on the road, there hasn't been much blog material.  It's quite therapeutic and I highly suggest you give it a go, even if you don't blog.  The original instructions state:
"Think of who you were five years ago.  Now, describe five things that have happened to you in the past five years that your self from five years ago would be shocked to find out."

I'm doing more than 5 because that's more fun.


Five years ago, I was living with my parentals in good ol' China Spring.  Finishing up a stint at Ann Taylor Loft and getting ready to start my first year teaching.

Dear 27 year old self:

  • You will meet a long-haired, tattooed musician and you will fall quickly for him and you will marry him.  And you will be happier than ever.
  • You will eventually figure out what you're doing as a teacher and even enjoy it. 
  • Once you figure it out, you'll resign! Ha.
  • You have stopped eating artificial sugar. (That means no Diet Coke Shell)!
  • You are now a Mac not a PC.
  • Golf doesn't happen much anymore.  But when it does, you enjoy it.
  • Remember how you said you couldn't imagine traveling for a living?  Well, child, that's what you do...with that long-haired, tattooed musician.
  • And you want to keep traveling, raising nuggets in an RV.
  • And you want to homeschool them.  
  • Yes, after living in AR and MS, you now live in Nashville, TN and you STILL have a TX drivers license. 
  • Your husband cooks for you.
  • Sweet stuff in the morning makes you gag a little.  You much prefer bacon.
  • Eating sushi is enjoyable. 
  • So is camping in a tent.
  • You don't own a scale. The way your clothes fit is your scale.
  • You don't get on Myspace every day.  (It's kind of out. Gasp).
  • You still don't have children but are getting closer!  Hang in there...
  • It's 2% milk now. Not skim.
  • You actually enjoy reading.
  • Cereal only happens as a late night snack.  
  • Julie is going to have #4, Griffin. Carrie will have #1, Blake.
  • You play percussion and know 3 chords on the guitar.  
  • You've stopped biting your nails.  
  • You blog.
  • You don't carry a checkbook and balancing it doesn't rule your life.
  • You own leggings and skinny jeans.  
  • You have gotten two more tattoos and Daddy knows about all of them.
  • You make your own laundry and dish detergent and deodorant.
  • You always put on sunscreen! 
  • You hope you can adopt one day.
  • Your husband prays with you and for you.
  • And he thinks you're funny. 

I don't know what will happen in 5 years, but here's what I hope:
  • have kiddos
  • have dogs
  • have a garden
  • still travel
  • compost
  • have gone on a mission trip
  • learn to sew
  • go to Hawaii or somewhere else we haven't been
  • and maybe have the guts to try a different hairstyle
  And PLEASE remember, 37 year old self...You are clothed in strength and dignity.   Because HE says so.